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    Program scanner with a MAC computer

    I have two Uniden 996P2 scanners and a Whistler (GRECOM) 1040 (PSR500). Currently on my PC I use Win500, PSREdit, Freescan, Proscan and ARC-XT Pro. All are fully licensed by me. If I switched to an Apple Mac will any of the programs run under a Mac PC emulator or are there any native Mac...
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    Very difficult time getting 346XT to communicate with ARC-XT

    I have a BC346XT and am trying to get it to communicate with the ARC-XT software. The cable is secure, radio is on, baud rate matches between software and radio. I've tried multiple combinations of baud rates and all the comports I have. The troubleshooting instructions for the software don't...
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    PSR 600 Digital Decode Issue Problem

    My local PD (Cranston, RI) shows "RM" for mode in the database at RR. It also shows "DEF NAC" in the code column. I believe (I'm not sure) that CPD uses P5. I have a new GRE PSR 600 and I cannot get CPD to decode; I can see the signal strength display toggling on and off so I know they are...