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  1. C

    ARCXT: RR Uniden Programming Issues

    I just bought a new Uniden BCD996P2 and used radio reference to program it. All the systems work fine included conventional systems, LTR, and EDACS however non of the P25 systems are working. They around from surrounding counties but one county is only 25 miles away and the other is 41 miles...
  2. T

    Understanding ARC-XT

    Thanks to everyone who have been answering my beginner questions. one more, as I try to get my arms around the Qkeys, Group Keys, etc. Two questions tied to my attached ARC-XT screenshot of my programming. Using a BCD-396-XT ****** Do the 3 yellow highlighted areas represent the same thing...
  3. Linneweh

    SAFE-T programing question?

    I hope this is a good place to start, if not please direct me forward. I use a BCD396XT programmed with Butyl ARC-XT. When I pull the sites from RR for SAFE-T, I get just the control and alternate control channels, which should be fine. Looking at the sites, the" mot bandplan" comes up as...
  4. Delta

    Programming help/advice Uniden 996XT

    Hello folks, I'm having a very difficult time programming the Uniden 996XT, in fact I'm completely clueless. I have done the best I can with both ARC-XT and Freescan. When I compile everything to send to the scanner everything filed under S0:1 which I assume is the quick key. So it's not...
  5. J

    Best Regional Wireless Cooperative Sites

    Monitoring Scottsdale agencies on the Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC), I seem to receive only north Scottsdale calls on the Thompson Peak site. Can anyone suggest the best sites to use that will cover all of Scottsdale? BCD396XT, ARC-XT PRO, data download from radioreference.com, discone on...
  6. firemun

    ARC-XT Issues

    I am using ARC-XT to program BCD99XT and keep having issues with ARC-XT randomly renaming/saving files as the wrong name and also saving the wrong systems in my profiles. For example I save a file for Charlotte NC as CharNC and the next time I click on the CharNC it opens the Alaska file. Or i...
  7. A

    First Time Programmer - Need help and answers! :)

    Alright, so I am thinking about getting this scanner -- Uniden Bearcat BC346XT Police Scanner Radio the BC346XT. I am also going to be getting ARC-XT basic for it so I can learn how to program it. I just downloaded the demo to mess around a bit and see what it's like, but I have some questions...
  8. B

    ARC-XT and Uniden BC346XT

    I'm having a problem and looking for a little insight. I have a Uniden BC346XT analog scanner and ARC-XT. I was hoping to: -create a programming file for a friend with a BCD396XT (digital) scanner using ARC-XT -upload that file to my BC346XT -download that file from my scanner into FreeSCAN...
  9. B

    Sharing files with ARC-XT

    I feel like a newbie again!! For a few years, I have strictly used and programmed RadioShack/GRE scanners, but I recently picked up a BC346XT, and I'm trying out ARC-XT for programming. While I was at work tonight, I was able to download plenty of data through the Radio Reference import...
  10. D

    Help programming 396XT in Pinellas?

    Just got a 396XT and I'm trying to make sure I program it properly for Pinellas County. I downloaded the Pinellas files from RF and uploaded them into the scanner using ARC-XT Pro, but I looked at some frequency information in the local com group on google and they have frequencies listed that I...
  11. MedicDavid78

    ARC-XT Pro software

    Does anybody know a website, besides the BuTel website or ScannerMaster, where I can buy the ARC-XT Pro software at a discounted rate maybe? For example on the ScannerMaster website u can find Uniden scanners cheaper than the actual Uniden website... I just don't have $70, I just spent a...
  12. P

    cannot get philly county to scan on my BC396XT

    I cannot get philly to scan anything at all after downloading from radioreference using ARCXT. I have never had a problem before, I usually tune into montgomery county and Philadelphia County. When I look on ARCXT it shows all of the frequencys in there for philly but my scanner is silent when...
  13. GTR8000

    Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    Butel Software $35 for ARC-XT PRO, that's $5 less than the regular $40 cost of the basic version. :D
  14. T

    ARC-XT: How to fix mixed bag RR downloads

    I don't want to bash ARC-XT at this point, but there are editing features found in almost all text editors and in spreadsheets that just don't exist in ARC-XT. As such, I need help to solve a common problem I experience. When I retrieve frequencies from RR under a city title (e.g., "Monterey")...
  15. T

    ARC-XT: fixing mixed bag systems

    I don't want to bash ARC-XT at this point, but there are editing features found in almost all text editors and in spreadsheets that just don't exist in ARC-XT. As such, I need help to solve a common problem I experience. When I retrieve frequencies from RR under a city title (e.g...
  16. john98225

    ARC-XT BASIC - how do you download DOJ WIN from RR?

    I ordered a Uniden BCD996XT today and then I downloaded a trial version of the ARC-XT Basic software so I could get a jump on the programming, but some things are confusing me. I want to download the DOJ Integrated Wireless Network data from RR ( U.S. Dept. of Justice: Integrated Wireless...
  17. W

    BCD996XT on Marin County MERA?

    I've purchased a new BCD996XT scanner but so far I've not been able to get to work with Marin county's (California) MERA system. Has anyone else had success with this? As a UHF (P25) system, MERA requires a custom band plan. Radio Reference gives base, spacing and offset information: 482.000...