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  1. R

    win96 and chromebook

    Hello Im looking to invest in a decent priced Windows operated chromebook so I have a computer specifically for programming my scanners, as right now I only have a MacBook. Will win96/arc300 work on a Chromebook or not, if anyone knows?
  2. G

    How do I load WSP with ARC300 programmer?

    Hi all, I'm new to the programming part of this. I have a Radio Shack PRO-164 that had firmware v. 1.04 so I updated it to v. 1.10 and it lost all programmed frequencies even though it said it would not. I got ARC300 to program with and upgraded my membership here and put most everything I...
  3. S

    programing trunking with arc300 for pro164 uestion

    Okay when i import like a trunk system to arc300 and upload it to the scanner it shows the control channels which there are 4 of them but theres like a bunch of talkgroups,are the talk grtoups uploaded to the scanner as well when i hit upload to scanner? Because i just see the 4 control...
  4. phallout2000

    pro-163, 20-047 cable and ARC300 program

    so i have installed the drivers and tried to use this software, with and without the optional 3 inch cable provided. the cable instructions say it must be used for this model scanner. the drivers are registered as com6 with the correct drivers. but the ARC300 software will not read from my...
  5. D

    Loading scanner from computer

    I'm new here, and not sure whether my question belongs in this Forum or the ones for GRE Scanner or Programming. But, here it is... I have a GRE PSR-300, Butel ARC300 software, and Radio Shack 20-047 cable. Everything seems to be working fine, except that I can't load the scanner from the...
  6. ScannerNuts

    ARC300 Problem Questions With Pro 163

    Greetings, I recently acquired the Pro-163 (with firmware update) and found this excellent message board that kept me from making the "normal" mistakes upon interfacing with the computer and database downloads. All the little required steps went very well without any issues, as interfaced with...