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  1. M

    ARC500: Confused Newbie to Trunking

    I want to monitor Columbus, OH Police and Fire. It's my understanding they use the statewide MARCS P25 System. In my ARC500 software; when I select the state and county that I want, and then select the MARCS system from the trunking tab, in the left pane are all the sites are listed. and on the...
  2. M

    Pro-106 - no connectivity to Win7 Pro -> ARC500 v1.18 B1

    Installed USB driver from the CD with RS cable #20-546 and ARC500 on a Win7 Pro machine and am having no luck gaining connectivity. I bought the scanner & programming disc/cable several years ago. At the time, computer was running WinXP. I licensed ARC500, programmed the Pro-106, and I recall...
  3. R

    ARC500: Not happy with Butel...

    So I bought a RS Pro 652 with the cable that came with the software of the regular version of ARC 500. So last week I decided to upgrade it to the Pro version. They request the keys to the old software. As from other posts this was an issue. Thankfully I paid with PayPal. I have been arguing...
  4. M

    Pro-106/ARC500: "Do you wish to duplicate Trunk System Objects?"

    Greetings: Recently obtained a Pro-106, ARC500 software, and premium access to the RadioReference.com database. I'm new to object oriented programming and am taking baby steps learning both the software and the receiver hardware. I live in Colorado Springs and most agencies I'm interested in...
  5. T

    Updating Control Frequiencies P25.

    Is there a way to update and consolidate the NEW control frequencies for the P25 system using the ARC500 software without having to re download and program all of the frequencies and talk groups? The talk groups have stayed the same - but the control frequencies have changed and I am no longer...
  6. w2xq

    ARC500PRO - Virtual Control - History Question

    I have the RS PRO-106 Expert Settings to display the Radio ID. I'm using ARC500PRO version 1.14 build 3 (update says this is the current version). Looking at the "Virtual Control" (F12) to log the "History", fields begin with Type, ID, Tag, RadioID... ending with Object, Date, Time, File...
  7. J

    RS Pro-197 Programming Issues

    Hello All, I just got a PRO-197 scanner as an early X-mas present! I was so excited when I got it home last night and started programming it. I am running into 2 problems though, even though I have been able to program a few frequencies on my own. I cannot get any software to interface with...
  8. T

    Downloding with ARC500

    Just getting started with my first scanner (Radio Shack PRO-106). I have been able to download much of what I woant, but there are some things shown on Radio References site that are not available on the pull down lists in the ARC500 software (i.e Rail Roads and Air Traffic Control, items...
  9. nc28478

    needed arc500 files for new hanover,pender and duplin ugggh

    class a newbie in need of arc500 files for pro 106 new hanover and wilmington are mind blowing ????????????????????????????????????????????? i live in pender and know duplin any help is appreciated from the masters of the scanner elite...................:confused:
  10. A

    Cannot Install ARC500 on my new PC

    I have a PRO-106 and downloaded ARC500 for it. When I tried to install the software, I kept getting an error dialog box that said “Error 1327 Invalid Drive K:” and the install program would stop; and therefore, I could not get ARC500 on my new computer. I did install it on my old pc and...
  11. J

    ARC500 Virtual Control Display On PC NOT WORKING

    Hello there! I've had this software since I have had my scanner(Pro-106). The software is great and at one time worked flawlessly. However, today I hooked everything up to my PC and and everything works EXCEPT the display on my computer for Virtual Control. Normally it would mimic the display...
  12. B

    Pro-197 Programming Help Please

    Hi to all, just bought the Pro-197 for my dad as Christmas gift, I also purchased the Arc500 software and USB programming cable. Straight out of the box, I downloaded the USB drivers and my conventional channels, screwed up on the second try with the software and did not get the trunked...
  13. N

    Need Help with PRO-106 Setup

    Hi, New to "Digital" scanning and need some help getting my PRO-106 set up to scan the Monroe County stations. Here is what I have done so far. Bought the new PRO-106 scanner. Bought the USB uplink cable and installed the drivers. Downloaded and installed the ARC-500 software. Still in trial...
  14. T

    Utah Arc500 file swapping

    I thought I would start a thread for trading scanner files for the Utah area. I live is Salt Lake City and monitor most of the counties surrounding me with a PRO-106 digital scanner. I would like to see how others have organized their files for this area. My ARC500 file is posted here...
  15. D

    RadioShack Pro-106 Software Recommendation

    I plan on purchasing the new RadioShack Pro-106 scanner. I am not sure on what software to get though. My current scanner is a RadioShack Pro-70...I know, OLD! I just recently started looking into new scanners and I am overwhelmed by how much they have changed. All this new technology is...