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    OKWIN (P25) Bandplan table

    P25 Phase 1 Hello all, I have an old Pro 96 that I needed to update to listen to OKWIN(P25) system in Tulsa, Ok. I am using ACR96 software and have loaded the P25 system in the scanner, but I pick up nothing. I have tried different options in the software to try to get it to work but I have had...
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    I am having trouble loading frequencies to my pro-96 from arc96. I am able to down load from radio reference but I can not load it to my pro-96. I bought the 20-546 Radio Shack cable and bought the premium membership for RR and bought the arc96 through RR. I can't find any contact info for...
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    PRO-2096/PRO-106 Question

    Some time ago I bought a PRO-2096, it was preloaded by the local RS store. Recently I added a PRO-106 to my collection, again preloaded by the local RS store. The PRO-106 seems to hear things that my PRO-2096 does not. I assume there are new frequencies/channels in it that aren't in the...
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    Arc96 software

    I'm from Bristol, CT while using software, I have Bristol, Local towns and State Police Programed in. Bristol uses Motorola system while scanning I'm getting inaudible noise the display is showing Mot:400-00 or Mot:000-09 it will let me save as talkgroups but can't lock them out when i manually...
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    Arc96 and Pro-96 Display

    I have the Pro-96 and using Demo of Arc96 currently, what do I need to do to get it to show the Alpha Tag when it stops on an active channel? There is a Alpha Tag associated with every entry. Currently it show something like this...... H400........+DG VC 866.96250 Trunk CC MOT: 07022 Version...