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  1. S

    Missing Audio Archives

    I'm researching a couple recent incidents. The shooting of Philando Castile in St Paul MN on 7/6/16 and the Dallas shooting the other night. Minneapolis Fire Audio Archives are missing for 7/5 AND 7/6, why? (I was unable to find anything other than brief mention of a situation in Falcon...
  2. B

    Searching for Archive from October 2015

    IS there anyway to obtain an archive of a specific feed from October 2015, I know generally they are purged 180 days , but was hoping someone might hold them longer --any suggestions on where to look?
  3. B

    Archive instuction???

    I am a new user. I can not listen to any archives. For example Broadcastify - Arlington Police Dispatch Audio Archives Select Date Select Time Frame and .... Nothing The down load button and text that says "right click" will pop a file error NOTE I have tried several other FEEDs same result...
  4. S

    Anyone archive radio files from Seminole County fl

    I trying to find out if anyone on here records radio signals for the Oviedo and Sanford area? I am looking for any Police and Fire and Rescue Radio files for this date: December 7th, 2011 between the hours 13:00 to 24:00 hours. Please Advise, Shelly
  5. S

    3 Men in Trench Coats/Wigs/Briefcases Enter Theater in Aurora?

    I heard this on the Aurora PD archives for Sep. 14th, but I was listening casually and lost track of where it was ... Did any of you hear that night about 3 men entering a theater wearing trench coats, wigs, and carrying briefcases? I heard this somewhere in the archives for that night but I...
  6. brizzle22

    Old Live Audio Archives

    I have a bit of a dilemma. One of my friends was shot and killed and I was wanting to listen to the police scanner on the date that it happened but it has been over 30 days. Is there any way to retrieve these archives? It is very hard for me to believe that they are "deleted" and I am hoping...
  7. R

    Archives Concord PD/CO.CO.Fire/AMR

    Does anyone have archives for Concord PD,CO.CO.Fire, AMR for date Aug.16, 2011 10am to11am? I am investigating a major injury bicycle accident . I was the victim and have no memory of the accident other than waking up at John Muir ICU. Any help would be greatly appreciated.