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  1. A

    VXR-1000U Programming Error

    Hi everyone, I am trying to program a VXR-1000U. I am using a cable that I know works with my VX-3000 and VX-3200, however it does not seem to be working with the VXR-1000. I attached a picture of what the programming software does. The Power Light on the VXR-1000 flashes as soon as I plug the...
  2. T

    APX7000 Forced Narrowband?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if I am going to buy an APX for ham use (as well as LMR) if I have to purchase it before Jan 1, 2013 to use 25 KHz bandwidth or is it already too late? I read in some other forums that it is the Q507 flash that forces narrowband and that if you do not have Q507...
  3. H

    Assistance needed

    We are publishers of local newspapers in southern Connecticut looking for advice. We cover 18 towns, but not all our editors live in those towns. Redding, Stratford and Monroe are available via itunes, but most of the other towns are not. Is there a way to set up a scanner to one a Mac so we can...
  4. Robbyboy

    New Hanover County TRS Request for Assistance

    Good Afternoon - I am making several trips to NHC over the next month and have been monitoring quite extensively! I am trying to tighten down the TRS as it displays in the database and if anyone here can provide assistance with that I would appreciate it! I am going to clean the formatting...