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  1. A

    live stream Norwich tower UK

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt5k3mEBEEU Rgds Paul
  2. poltergeisty

    ATC communications question

    When I fly around in Flight Simulator in some very remote parts of the world like the islands of Alaska or in the middle east of Afghanistan, I often wonder how my radio signal gets sent all the way to center. I know this to be true for the real world. I don't think there are interlinked...
  3. mgolden2

    how far can pilots hear in the air?

    I know this depends on their altitude, the higher the better and farther you can talk and hear, but I thought this would be an interesting question for the pilots out there. We read a lot about how far ground stations can hear the airplanes, so lets turn it around! How far away can a pilot...