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  1. C

    BC346XT: Trunking and Discriminator Output

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. For a while, I've been trying to find out how I can hook my scanner up to my computer to provide a feed for ATCS, a program that monitors trains. My old BC72XLT just broke, and I actually ended up getting a BC75XLT. I quickly learned certain channels I wanted would...
  2. F

    Home Rack Mount Console

    I bought and assembled a standard 19" sloped-face 10-U console made by Middle Atlantic Products (ordered from Markertek.com). Mounted in it are: - Furman PL-Plus DMC Power Conditioner (protects the equipment, includes volt/amp meter and panel lights) - 4-speaker panel from NovecComm (sometimes...
  3. K

    Pro 2051 Discriminator Mod

    i have a pro 2051 and i want to use it to receive ATCS railroad tones but to interface it to my computer to decode those tones i need to get the audio at the discriminator and i don't know where that is in my radio thanks Michael KB3NZQ