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audio problem

  1. B

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 and having all kinds of problems

    I just upgraded the OS on my PC to Windows 10. I am using Scannercast to broadcast my feed. I have my scanner plugged into the PC through the line in outlet on the sound card. When I first restarted my PC, I could hear the scanner fed through the PC speakers. I don't want that. Then I found out...
  2. J

    audio cuts out

    I just bought Uniden BCD396XT. When it receives audio the beginning is cut off or sometime the end of the sentence is cut off. It is hard to understand what people are saying. I have good signal strength. Is there some type of delay setting that I can adjust?
  3. M

    BCD99xt intermittent audio loss

    When my xt stops on a channel, I lose the audio for about one second approx every seven seconds. Sometimes I miss important information. It's kind of like when I turn on Priority and it goes back and checks the Priority channel. But I don't have priority turned on. At least its not showing up on...
  4. kskarma

    BCT-8 Garbled Audio in Trunking mode--only

    I have (3)- BCT-8's that I have owned for 5-6 years and after about that length of time, they all have developed an audio problem when trunking...and ONLY when trunking. The best way I can describe it is like a radio that is tuned just a bit 'off-frequency'...or when you are hearing a Single...
  5. C

    Audio from feed sounds "computerized"

    I dont know how to explain the audio other than it sounds "computerized", which i dont think is actually a word. But hope you catch my drift. What would be causing this? I am using a PCI sound card, not the onboard audio for the audio input. Also, I am using the line-input, NOT the mic in. Here...