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band opening

  1. N

    Band opening on 12/2 & 12/3

    The past couple of mornings (lasting until noon on Monday) there have been two rather strong openings. In Oklahoma City, I was able to decode ~6 KSICS trunking channels. Not just one or two near the OK/KS border, but ones far away as Lawrence & Hays. City of Denton trunking I was hearing as well...
  2. Robbyboy

    Insane Band Opening on 800

    I posted this in NC but forgot about here. Im in Richlands (Central Coastal NC) and have been picking up insane openings. Looking at Charleston, SC (SID 2822) over 85% indoors with stock antenna... Enjoy!!
  3. Robbyboy

    Insane Band Opening on 800

    Im hitting Horry County TRS (SID 3813) from Richlands NC, INDOORS, With only a RS 800 Antenna... Get it while it lasts!! edit: Just hit a TRS in Charleston... And I gotta goto bed for work!!! <grrr>