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bc 246t

  1. I

    BC246T problem

    I have two scanners and both decided to give me fits the same night (see my post for PRO-92) My BC246T is not scanning properly. It stops on a frequency, and all I get is static. I began thinking I had some bad channels programmed so I just began to lock out any channels that it stopped at...
  2. KT7L

    BC 246T Re-band Software from BuTel

    BC246T owners.... For those of you that have not converted from ARC/BuTel to Freescan..... "ARC246 V3 is now available for download, this version fully supports the new V2.6 firmware and supports rebanding. This is a free update. Gommert www.butelsoftware.com"
  3. KT7L

    ARC246 Update Status

    Here's the latest post from ARC -- dated Jan 4th: I have some other updates to finish before I can start on the ARC246 updates. At this moment I simply don't know, as soon as I have more info it will be posted here. Gommert www.butelsoftware.com (Here, being the Yahoo ARC246 Group)
  4. KT7L

    BC 246T Re-band Firmware now avail.

    Title says it all.... UnidenMan, on the RR Uniden forum, has released the new, re-band firmware for BC 246T. Go here: http://info.uniden.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=BC246T_Update_2_60_Release_Notes One report of successful install too....