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bc346xt programming

  1. S

    BC346XT: Help with Mass State Police programming

    Good evening, I have been programming Mass State Police into my BC346XT for years. Recently the scanner is locking up on the trunking frequencies and not releasing the banks. Also, when I program certain State Police troops such as Troop H, or Troop D of Mass State Police, I am now getting a...
  2. W

    BCT15X: frequency update but not receiving transmission

    Wyoming County, NY, updated its system for fire/ems to hiband. I entered the new frequencies in both my BCT15X and BC346XT but cannot receive any transmissions. I also have an older Uniden 370CRS, did the same and receive the transmissions with no problems. I have a basic understanding of...
  3. Blind_Shadow

    Programming Manual - BC346xt

    I have been trying for most of the day trying to program a Uniden BC346XT. I downloaded the manual and it was a lot easier to go through than the manual from Uniden. I had read not to use the cd disk. No problem there as it would not even load or run. I am so confuzed now, not sure where to go...
  4. SCPD

    BC346XT Programming Kerrville Texas

    I always thought I was of reasonable intelligence until trying to program our new Uniden BC346XT scanner. Seeking someone from Kerrville area (to include San Antonio) for hands-on assistance and training to set scanner up for a variety of areas in Texas. Will pay for your time. Thanks....Jim