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  1. P

    ear buds for BC396XT

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any ear buds that they like for the BC396XT. I had the listen only ear piece from scanner master in the past, but it fell apart on me and never fit my ear correctly. I am not looking for expensive ones just some that work well and are portable as opposed...
  2. P

    BCD396XT: 396xt latest firmware

    I have not updated my firmware in about a year for my 396xt. None of the links that I have tried through the wiki or posts work. Am I missing something? I even tried uniden's website with no luck? Thanks for the help.
  3. P

    Basic scanner for Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T

    Looking at BC346XT or BC396XT for listening to police, fire and ems in Indiana. Would either of these work and what are the advantages of the BC396XT? From what I read Indiana SAFE-T system is analog but then I see some say it is a digital system. Is there a difference for trunked systems...
  4. P

    396xt firmware update help

    I am looking for clarification (easier instruction) on how to install the latest firmware update. there are 2 links from uniden firmware update pages that I opened. one is an SCN file and the other has several files and 2 zip files within it. I am not sure what to with these files once...
  5. W

    what is this sound? BC396XT data before trunked transmission

    BC396XT loud data burst - YouTube why do I have this sound pre-empting my trunked system, my previous Uniden truncked scanner didn't do this...
  6. B

    New 396XT owner

    I just received my 396XT today. On all systems, it is dropping out audio every two seconds. I have read the manual a couple times but I can't figure out what setting to change. I've turned off WX and PRI seeing if that was the issue, but its not. I used FreeScan to program it. I've attached...
  7. KF4UHJ

    396XT not detected by ARC XT-Pro

    I am trying to re-program my 396XT using the latest ARC XT Pro software. I've done it dozens of times before. But now, the software is not detecting the radio. When I try to "Read" or Write" to the radio, I get a message that no radio is detected. Then when I close the error window, the radio...
  8. B

    is the pro-106 or bc396xt better

    I live in Arvada, Colorado. I was wondering is the pro-106 or the BC396XT is better for this area. Also what are the majority of you guys using pro-106 or bc396xt in this area. I will also wanting to monitor denver, jefferson county, adams county, boulder, DIA, wheat ridge, and etc... I was in...
  9. cj5

    U.S. DOD Pendleton Programming on BC396XT

    I've been having some trouble programming this system (U.S. Department of Defense: Project 25 Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies), so if there is anyone that can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I entered the system in as a P25 trunk system, assigned the...
  10. P

    web service question

    I just upgraded my RR to premium to use the web service with my ARCXT software for the BC396XT. However, I do not see anything about it on the website. Can anyone steer me in the right direction how to find it? Also I cannot get past the setup banner on the home page. Is there something...
  11. P

    BC396XT question

    I am trying to get the preloaded Pittsburgh system on my scanner and uniden says "To turn a preloaded system on or off, press SCAN, then press ./no then the two-digit System Quick Key." I have tried that and it does nothing. I do have preprogrammed counties in my scanner as well and am...
  12. P

    BC396XT question

    I recently purchased a BC396XT and saw online that updates can be downloaded for it. Are the updates worth doing for this or should I not mess with it? Does anyone know a good link to keep up with them if they are needed? Also an easy question, can I use any headphones with this scanner or do...
  13. P

    Temp lockout question on 396xt

    I cannot seem to figure out why my temp L/O is not locking out channels that I am trying to lockout while the radio is on. I am not sure if I changed an option by accident. If I hit the L/O button that channel can come back on within a few seconds. Not sure why this is happening. If anyone...
  14. P

    help with BC396XT

    I just got a 396xt that was preprogrammed for my county. I am new to digital scanners but have had analog ones for years. When I scan it seems to only pick up the digital ones that were preprogrammed. However I believe they preprogrammed even the analog channels too. I cannot find anywhere...
  15. P

    BC396XT battery question

    I just got the BC396XT scanner and for the first 20 minutes or so I had installed alkaline batterys in the unit but didn't know about having the charge switch set to the correct setting. I did put the rechargeable batteries in and all seems fine. Does that mistake cause any problems with the...
  16. P

    Should I invest in BC396XT?

    I live in southeast PA Montgomery County. I am looking to purchase a BC396XT and do not mind spending the money on it, but I am worried about the possibility of the Opensky project that PA may continue to rollout. I know PSP and others already use it in some areas, but I don't want to see my...