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  1. I

    Advice for Nascar fan

    After renting a scanner at the Nascar race last weekend, it is time to purchase my own. I am looking at the BC75XLT. One nice feature on the rented scanner was the simple way to switch between drivers - press car, enter the car's number and press car. With 10 banks of 30 numbers, I am...
  2. T


    I have tried on to download the software for programming onto my scannner and have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions? I am trying to get local (Lambton County, Ontario) frequencies downloaded by computer onto my scanner.
  3. W

    BC75XLT: BC75XLT - worth consideration ?

    Hi All; Have received a Uniden BC75XLT as a gift and wondering how to find active, and I presume, non-trunked frequencies in use in Western Washington State. Main interest is for local/countywide fire and EMS. Question is: is it even worth spending the time looking , or should I look into...
  4. SCPD

    BC75XLT: Antenna Upgrade For BC75XLT

    Looking to upgrade the antenna on my scanner. Looking to scan mainly ~400.0000, but id like to be able to pick up everything (if possible) From reading previous posts the diamond RH77CA was really recommended. Is that still the "best"?
  5. S

    bc75xlt rechargable battery problem

    So, first off this bc75xlt works fine with normal alkalines. But when I remove them, flip the switch, and put in fully charged energizer 2500mah ( externally charged ), the scanner almost immediately starts flashing "batt". When I have charged these, or similar batteries ( no name from china )...
  6. P

    BC75XLT: Stuck on scan and will not turn off

    My son turned on his scanner which had been working fine until now. It is stuck on scan, finds one of the channels he has programmed briefly, then goes back to scan. I cannot turn the scanner off. When I take the batteries out, and re-install them, the unit comes back on and still continues to...
  7. J

    BC75XLT Bearcat Static HELP

    My friend purchased a Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT hand-held radio. I read online how to program it and set it up and did so. At first, when there was no transmission, it was silent and then when there was a transmission we heard it clearly. Then all of a sudden, in between transmissions there was...
  8. E

    BC75XLT upgrade antenna?

    Looking for maybe something newer than listed in older threads. I'm looking for two antenna upgrades for my BC75XLT. I'd like something at home in my office that gets better reception that the stock antenna. I'm mostly scanning 151-154 and 460 req ranges, fire and PD. Also something better for...
  9. D

    BC75XLT: Uniden BC75XLT Scanner Help (First Time Scanner Ownder)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a uniden bc75XLT scannertoday. I am having a huge amount of problems setting it up. #1 how do I get it off Lock mode? I hit search, but then when I turn the scanner off and on again its still in lock mode. #2 How do I add frequencies? I know what buttons to hit, but...
  10. D

    Antenna help needed

    Hi All, I am new to the world of scanners and recently got my first one. Before this I was actually listening to online scanners but they had nothing for my country. (fyi, I am from India). Please read the brief desc first :- (correct me if i am going wrong anywhere) I have got a Uniden...