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    BC780XLT: UBC780XLT front-end filter measurements

    Some plots of the front-end filters of a UBC780XLT. /Ubbe
  2. G

    BC780 Hold does not work if freq or chan scan

    The HOLD function works on trunked ID entries during scan but does not work when a non-trunked base frequency channel is scanned. (Same during search mode.) How can I get HOLD working on both trunked and non-trunked entries during Scan or Search? Bank-1: 4 primary and 5 secondary trunked...
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    BC780 and BCT8 Auto Power Shutdown

    Do the Uniden BC780 HLT and BCT8 models support a utility to automatically shut down power after x-minutes of non-operation?
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    Programming BC780 Question 4 SAC/SMF

    I am trying to set up two BC780 scanners. I notice in the Data Base for Sacramento that it lists two systems..... a City system and a County system...... The problem is the Talk Group IDs do not seem to say which system goes with which Talk Groups. If I understand correctly ( or do I ? )...