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  1. 7

    Need Help BC785D in Ontario

    Hi all, I have searched through the forums and can't find anything. I am trying to re-program my old BC785D. Can anyone in the GTA or Southern Ontario help me with programming Bell Fleetnet (OPP) into my radio? I can travel to you if need be. I just moved back from Alberta and would really like...
  2. E

    Programing a conv p25 frequency uniden bc785d

    Im trying to figure out how to program a conv digital frequency im my bc785d. I have the apco 25 card installed and working for fleetnet. But i cant seem to put in my conv fire department which has gone digital. Any help would be awesome... thank you
  3. G

    Livingston County Listening

    I have been using a Pro-2096 in Livingston County for about 7 years (have feed on RR). I picked up a BC785D a while ago and cannot get to to trunk properly. I tried doing the "control channel only" setup but it errors stating "no control channel" when a station keys up. I tried both PLAN 2 and...
  4. N

    New to Scanning: LAPD and a BC785D?

    Hello all! My father has been a Fireman/Paramedic for the better part of 33 years, so I've grown up with a scanner always on in the house. Recently my dad hooked me up with my first scanner, a used Uniden BC785D. I was wondering if it will work with the LAPD (specifically North Hollywood)...
  5. lep

    785D in remote operation

    My 785D will will no longer go into :"remote" although all other functions seem normal. I can no longer get it to communicate with ARC250 Pro to modify the present programming to ujpdate alpha tags and do other housekeeping functions. I do recall that some months ago the last time I placed this...