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  1. yeg_scan

    Need Uniden Protocol Help with Arduino

    I am trying to complete a project with my BCT15X and an Arduino. I have everything done except cannot get a peep from the scanner. So I have a few questions, and am wondering if someone could help me on this one. First .. what pins are used on the BACK of the scanner for remote communication ...
  2. D

    BCT15X Picking up half of the transmissions of my local PD EDACS system.

    Hello, I am fairly new to scanning, but I do know how to program ect. So basically I have my BCT15X programmed to scan my local Pd, everything is programmed correctly. The thing is when I listen for example dispatch could call the call sign of a a unit, then it waits 30 seconds and the dispatch...
  3. _sundown_

    BCT15X: Cheapest PC to program Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner

    Hey Everyone, I have Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner, I use it only in the garage as background noise. I moved to a new county and not excited about reprogramming it manually for all the local analog freq's . I researched this forum and didn't find a thread/post on this, please share if...
  4. rvacs

    BCT15X: BCT15X/HomePatrol GPS BC-GPSK Power Question

    Hello All, I have the Uniden BC-GPSK - GPS Cable. (And adapter cable for HP-II) Also thinking on getting a BCT15x for a trip to try it out for Bearcat Warning System.(BWS) Does the BC-GPSK - require Power? Is there another brand that does not require power? Also can the BCGPSK be used with...
  5. rvacs

    BCT15X: BCT15x vs. BearTracker 885 -changes?

    So my questions revolve around BCT15x vs. BearTracker 885 @UpMan What in regards to the frequencies pre-programmed have changed? Are they more current in the 885? (Guess it has a Update feature) - Does the 15x have a way to update its pre-programmed frequencies for the states? Is the...
  6. mattw19781

    Just bought bc125at & bct15x

    i have just bought the bc125at handheld and bct15x base/mobile scanners and have been playing around with them for a day, i think they are great radios to replace the bc72xlt and bc355n that i had been using i would be interested in hearing what other users of these radios have to say about them...
  7. R

    Freescan Favorites

    Hello Everyone, My brother obtained a second hand BCT15X and is currently using Freescan. He wants to group the precincts to our police department together so he is able to them at once. How would he go about this using Freescan? Thank you one and all for the help.
  8. C

    Freescan: Windows 10 Setup

    Can some one please explain the setup needed to get my BCT15X to communicate with Freescanin Windows 10 using the cable that comes with the scanner? I have a RS232 port on my computer. Any special driver needed? Do you need to setup a virtual com port? Please help, this is getting frustrating.
  9. B

    Suffolk(Riverhead) help please

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a bct15x and am wondering if it will pick up my local pd? Would this be the right scanner for my town? Anybody familiar with Riverhead? Thanks
  10. A

    BCT15X: BCT15X Programming cable

    Hi everyone, I own a bct15x, and have recently been having problems with the programing cable, it just stops working. Ive tried changing com ports and Ive tried several different programs. Once I buy a new cable there are no problems for a little while then it starts happening again where it...
  11. G


    Replacement scanner for a digital trunked P25 system. When I upload my file from FreeScan I am getting two error messages. DaneCom is a P25 system and is only supported by the digital scanners. As a result, it will not get uploaded. Same message for WISCOM. As I have read this scanner is a...
  12. W

    Setup for BCT15X, King County, WA

    Curious if any BCT15X users in Washington State could help me out. Looking for config files to program King County. This scanner is the most confusing radio I've ever used. Thanks in advance!
  13. R

    Noob Questions

    Hi I'm new to scanning, really just interested listening in to the what is going on in the world around me. When the bug bit me I went out and didn't do my research and jumped out and bought a BearCat BCT15X. Seems like a nice scanner, and I really like PC interface with BcProgTool on...
  14. J

    BCT15x 9000 Trunking Programming Help Needed

    Received a BCT15x 9000 and I have tried programming a couple trunked systems. But the unit receives nothing on either system. the two systems are Clarke County Trunking System, Athens, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies and University of Georgia Athens Trunking System, Athens, Georgia - Scanner...

    150-162MHz Scanning Antenna Suggestions

    I'm looking for a new scanner antenna with a frequency range of 150-162. I have a BCT15X and my only option is a indoor back of set antenna. Please don't recommend any outdoor or attic antennas. I'm currently using a radio shack center loaded telescoping antenna. My scanner is currently sitting...
  16. R

    BCT15X: Volume Disable Option?

    Good Morning All, Quick question for all you scanner aficionados. We have a BCT15x in the common room of the firehouse. We would like to keep the privilege open for channel, squelch, lockout adjustments and physical display of the screen. We are often finding the volume turned down to the...
  17. B

    BCT15X Terminology Clarity

    Hi folks. I've owned this BCT15X for a handful of years and I've looked everywhere for some leadership but it doesn't seem to be out there. I'm a >20 year HAM operator and I simply cannot get my head around this unit. Can someone explain to me the following terminology? systems, sites...
  18. S

    BCT15X: Can you block nuisance frequencies?

    I have some interference (on off-on off-on off) that comes in constantly from one particular frequency that I think is being generated by a wireless network device that I have. Can I program the scanner to block or ignore that one frequency? Thanks.
  19. E

    New owner, exhausted the search function

    Hi, I have been searching on the uniden forum and others to answer my questions, no luck. I'm looking for a good (discrete, within the vehicle) mobile antenna, wideband 30-1000Mhz. I have had a lot of static while testing the frequencies I put in indoors, even more on the road. Hoping that a...
  20. C

    BCT15X Programming Layout

    Does anyone have their scanner programmed similar to a radios programming layout? I have had my BCT15X for a few years now along with two Kenwood Tk-x180 mobile radios and to be honest every time i attempt to program this scanner the way i want i end up giving up. So here i am today looking for...