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  1. E

    BCT15x scanning State Trunked System

    I'm a bit new with setting up a Bearcat 15xt scanner. The issue is that the State of Nevada uses an 800mhz ECADS trunked system for the entire state. I live in the Northeastern part of the state (Elko County) so I have one of the channel groups setup for the local repeaters. Should I have to...
  2. toastycookies

    Programming with FreeSCAN

    This is my first Uniden raido so I am not familiar at all with the menu system or programming. An included manual would have been nice... Was advised FreeSCAN is the best way to program this radio so this is the only software I have used on it. Wondering if I am doing this right. (I only have...
  3. S

    Programming BCT15x

    Hello folks. I am getting quite confused trying to learn how to program my local police into my new scanner. I have found the uniden user manual to be useless, even the easy version was difficult for me. I am trying to program " Police region A talk group" from here...
  4. toastycookies

    Looking for sub $200 scanner BC125AT vs BCT15X

    Howdy. Just getting back into the radio scene after many years. My 2 most recent (10 years ago?) dedicated receivers were the Icom IC-R10 and the RS Pro-64 (i know, OLD). They are long gone. Anyways, a little background. I am up here in Maine and have been stuck inside for the past month due...
  5. R

    BCT15X: New owner needs help and/or guidance

    Greetings all, my wife bought me a BCT15X as a surprise because I had been talking about getting a scanner. How do I know if my local freq's are digital? All I hear is similar to a fax machine when it locks on a channel. And thank you MARKSSCANNER for and easier to try to understand manual...
  6. P

    Controlling Uniden BCT15x with Unitrunker

    Hi guys I'm working in the dark here - Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been able to find many MPT1327 systems over the last week or so. I have mapped the control channels, voice channels and made the bandplans. Now I'm trying to follow conversations and that's where I seem to have come...
  7. F

    please help me bct15x

    i have just bought a uniden bct15x i have no idea what to do but am keen to learn. i have been reading a fare bit of info on the net but not a great deal is making sense to me. i live in Rural Australia. i am wondering if we use trunking systems out here. any link to web sites that show me how...
  8. C

    BCT15X: Programming Help

    Hello, I just got the BCT15X and I am trying to program my local area's trunked System, but I am getting no results. Here is what I have done (Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T (Motorola) Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) Then under Crawfordsville I have a System...
  9. Chevytruckin365

    Help With Uniden BCT15X

    Hello Im Looking for some one familiar with BCT15X Need help programing looking for some one close to me in Kyle.Tx 78640 area volunteer fire man in NEED of Help don't mind paying for help. just let me know wanting to program locals .....
  10. W

    Bct15x question

    So I just purchased this scanner and went from an older non trunking Scanner. I programmed it but I am having an issue with the transmission skipping. The freq will come up and you will hear the transmission for 2-3 seconds then it pauses then will start back up for 2-3 more seconds. What can I...
  11. A

    Wa State Ferries/Seattle Coast Guard

    Is there a way to listen to Washington State Ferries and Coast Guard Group Seattle? Is there a specific freq, a marine channel or VHF. Looking for suggestions. Thanks
  12. J

    Help with reception, BCT15X

    I do not know for sure if this is the correct place for this question. If not please advise me where to post. I could not find a troubleshooting section. I am new to all of this. I received a BCT15X & Centerfire Deluxe Discone antenna. I have the antenna on a pvc pipe in the room with the...
  13. B

    Uniden BCT15x Warranty/Problem Question

    Hello. New to the forums... I hope I have placed this in the correct section. I purchased my BCT15x in the beginning of June, 2013. Worked really well for me up until recently. I went to go turn it on and all I heard were clicking noises. No display, no sound, no lights or sign of anything at...
  14. P

    BCT15x Howto Question: Tell the scanner to scan a particular trunked system.

    Originally posted in another forum... *************** Hello, first I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this question (please feel free to suggest a better location). I have the BCT15x and I'm fumbling my way around the system trying to learn how to use it. I have downloaded a...
  15. P

    Newbie: BCT15X Howto - Scan a Particular Trunked Service

    Hello, first I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this question (please feel free to suggest a better location). I have the BCT15x and I'm fumbling my way around the system trying to learn how to use it. I have downloaded a trunked set for Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) Public Safety...
  16. B

    Help with Programming bct15x

    I am having issues with programming. I would like to only scan on system at a time and have the ability to scan other systems only. can it be done and how? example- I want to only scan my ucan system but have the ability to scan my work LTR system only or another system only. I don't want it to...
  17. Chevytruckin365

    Help with BCT15X

    Hello all I am seeking help with BCT15X recently new purchase via E bay (I know) I need help setting this thing up apparently it is childproof is there any one close by Kyle, Austin, San Marcos that can help heck i'll even go to San Antonio or come to me I'll Pay reasonable rate of course. Of...
  18. C

    BCT15X questin

    I have a uniden BCT15x I want to know how to program the NYCOMCO EDAS (dutchess,orange,ulster) system in I have the AC XT PRO program. also I want to put the east fishkill LTR system in. cant fig out how to do it. ( I don't post on here much I hope I posted in the right spot ) thanks chris
  19. J

    Easiest way to Program BCT15X?

    HI, I recently purchased a used Bearcat BCT15X that did not come with a manual. I want to use it to listen to my local fire Dept (with Tone out feature), Police, Air and Military frequencies. What is the best (translation--easiest) way to program this monster? It has a lot more features than...
  20. J

    New Scanner coming.. anyone willing to share their DB for Salt Lake area?

    Hi All, I just purchased a BCT15x and it's on the way.. So I have time to read the manual online, get Freescan setup and start to learn how to put frequencies in this thing. I'm a Ham Radio operator and I know that programming radios isn't a one time thing. You end up programming it over and...