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  1. S

    BCD536HP: Replacement antenna suggestions

    I am new to scanners, the BCD536HP being my first. I'm former LEO, and we switched to a digital trunking before I retired. I'd like to be able to pick up those signals, as well as any local military, airport and other dispatch and first responder departments who aren't using trunking systems...
  2. _sundown_

    BCT15X: Cheapest PC to program Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner

    Hey Everyone, I have Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner, I use it only in the garage as background noise. I moved to a new county and not excited about reprogramming it manually for all the local analog freq's . I researched this forum and didn't find a thread/post on this, please share if...
  3. iceman382

    Run Away From the Uniden BCT125AT Fast!

    Uniden Bearcat BCT125AT Bought brand new June 2017 from Amazon. Current version on Bearcat 125AT bought June 2017 is 1.04.02. Uniden's website still lists older 1.03.01 firmware update. Seriously Uniden! What a huge disappointment. Compared to my other receivers this thing is pretty deaf...
  4. J

    Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver

    I have a Uniden Bearcat BCD996XT Scanner. I live in Jasper County, but work in Effingham County, which operates on VHF and Starcom. I programmed both county's VHF systems together in a system, and then the Newton tower as a system and Effingham tower as a system. I have the Mason tower...
  5. B

    Riverhead pd scanner info

    Hey guys I'm looking into purchasing the bearcat bct15 to scan Riverhead pd... what other scanners would be reasonable in price for scanning my local pd thanks
  6. B

    Suffolk(Riverhead) help please

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a bct15x and am wondering if it will pick up my local pd? Would this be the right scanner for my town? Anybody familiar with Riverhead? Thanks
  7. J

    Programing and setup question

    Hey everyone, I have been a scanner enthusiast for 15 years starting out with a pro-93 and upgrading to a pro-96 and for the last few years been using a bcd-396xt. So I am not exactly new to this, to trunking, or even to ARMER. I haven't really mastered the 396 yet. It's more of a time...
  8. W

    Setup for BCT15X, King County, WA

    Curious if any BCT15X users in Washington State could help me out. Looking for config files to program King County. This scanner is the most confusing radio I've ever used. Thanks in advance!
  9. A

    Bearcat 220 Scanner Help

    I have just obtained a really old scanner. It is the Bearcat 220. I bought this scanner from a thrift shop thinking that it wouldn't work, but would be a really cool collectable. I plugged it in and to my surprise it made static noise. I have been reading, but cannot find enough information. I...
  10. M

    Old Scanner Repair ??

    Does anybody know of a reliable scanner repair person for an old Bearcat 4 crystal scanner. I realize it doesn't have any value. But it had been working for my local analog VHF fire department until recently. I guess I just want to get it fixed more for nostalgia purposes than anything else...
  11. C

    can find my manual think it is prefix 318z

    Just got first scanner given to me. Think it is a bc318z but cant find this prefix anywhere. need help. it is a uniden trunktrackerIII has bearcat and nascar symbols on it. serial number starts with 318z. trying to find a manual for it. any help would be great
  12. T

    BC 60-XLT-1 Antenna Connection

    I Just very recently bought a 60XLT-1 and I was thinking about using my BNC-F adapter to have a longer make-shift antenna with some 75 ohm coax I have on hand, but I noticed the connectors were slightly different. It appears that the scanner antenna does not have a center pin in the connector...
  13. J

    BC75XLT Bearcat Static HELP

    My friend purchased a Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT hand-held radio. I read online how to program it and set it up and did so. At first, when there was no transmission, it was silent and then when there was a transmission we heard it clearly. Then all of a sudden, in between transmissions there was...
  14. B

    Buffalo NY Police

    I have a Uniden Bearcat BC148XLT scanner. I was previously able to pickup the Buffalo NY police frequencies, but recently I am unable to do so. All I get from the channels is buzzing or static. Do you know if they have changed something with their frequencies? Is there a resolution I can try...
  15. S

    Charging Question with Older Scanner

    I have an older Uniden 30 channel/10band scanner that accepts alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries. There is a little selector switch for Alkaline or Ni-Cd inside the battery cover. Currently have Ni-Cds installed and charge them with the wall charger. I was wondering if I could still use the wall...
  16. A

    BCD996XT: priority assistance

    Hey guys, I need help learning how to use preemptive priority with this scanner (BCD996XT). The easy to read users manual didnt help me much. Basically I have 1 system, in that system is 2 TG's...local police and local ems. In my police talk group I have 2 channels (8782, 3776), in my ems talk...
  17. F

    BC III - DIY Bearcat III Antenna

    Is it possible to rig together a simple antenna for a BearCat III using scrap wire, etc.? I was given this scanner without an antenna or power cable. I was able to wire it up to an old PC power supply. I'm getting lots of static on all the channels and some sound rhythmic enough to make me...
  18. J

    BCD536HP: Newark FD - Unable to listen

    Any tricks to listening to Newark FD? I know they are on NJ PSIC network. Can't get them on my scanner for some reason.
  19. k2epm

    Look how the Aussies play

    I stumbled upon this....I sure wish Uniden had a US version....either CB/HAM/FRS and a scanner. http://madelectronics.com.au/shop/download/pdf/UH_8080NB-2.pdf
  20. L

    Old School Bearcat BC350C Scanner Question

    I have an older Uniden Bearcat BC350C mobile scanner that I've had sitting in my garage for the last couple years unhooked. I recently dug it out since I'm planning on mounting it in the glove compartment of my car. However, after plugging it in and powering it on to check to make sure it still...