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bell fleetnet

  1. K

    Uniden BCT15X Problem

    Hello everyone, I recently just purchase 2 used BCT15X scanners and I'm having a problem with both of them. I can program in the systems I want to monitor no problem with free scan but when I actually go to listen to them on the scanner I receive nothig, no signal bars and NFM is constantly...
  2. K

    BC796D: Issues programming Bell Fleetnet into BC796D.

    Hello everybody, I have recently acquired a Uniden BC796D scanner and I am trying to program into it Bell Fleetnet, specifically OPP for Burlington and Niagara. I have tried doing so both by hand and using ProScan with no luck. I am able to program in the base frequencies and offsets, tower...
  3. rfsparkz

    sdrsharp settings

    I am using sdrshap with the nooelec r820t sdr mini 2 usb dongle. I am trying to get the settings right to listen to 141.555 nfm in Ontario near barrie which is fleetnet zone 1. There are some ems comms that are not scrambled by p25. Is there anyone else out there in listening range that could...
  4. T

    York & Durham EMS

    Hey guys, I was looking at the long list talk groups of fleetnet and was trying to figure out what talk groups York & Durham EMS use. Is York under Georgian & Durham under Oshawa?
  5. T

    Bell Fleatnet

    In theory how many talk groups can program into a radio for bell Fleatnet. Also would one be able to hear let say for example talk group 8640 (Orillia & Severn Township 1M - 1OPS37) if they were with the radio in downtown Toronto or does the radio have to be in the Orillia & Severn Township area...
  6. AricAAA

    Trouble Scanning Bell Fleet Net

    I have been scanning the airwaves in Windsor and Essex County for over 2 years now using a Pro 96. I had programmed all the agencies around me manually and they worked fine, including Bell Fleet Net in the Windsor-Essex area. With regards to Fleet Net Zone 1, while in Windsor, I got OPP, EMS...