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  1. T

    BBScanner App Stops On Blackberry 8330 Ntelos - Virginia

    Anyone else out there using BBScanner App on a Blackberry that has nTelos as their cell EV provider? This app has worked flawlessly for months until the past day or so and suddenly quit working. I have been in touch with the developer and it seems that this may a problem confined to nTelos users...
  2. EdmFireman

    Edmonton Fire Radio gone from BBScanner!

    Hey everyone. I'm hoping you can help me, as my favorite scanner, Edmonton Fire Radio, is no longer listed in BBScanner. And what makes this worse, I heard it's because RadioReference wanted to add ads to the their live feed! What gives??? I understand you guys get a large bill every month from...
  3. L

    Doniphan County Kansas

    Any chance of getting Doniphan County (NE Kansas) live audio feed so that I can listen to it on my blackberry. I am addicted to scanner radio. :)
  4. L

    Buchanan County Missouri

    I used to enjoy listening to the scanner for Buchanan county via my blackberry and scanner radio. It has been offline for over a week. I would love to get a feed back. Thoughts?
  5. Z

    Private Ambulance...

    Well i have a scanner , an audio cable , and a computer always connected to the internet , i do have some questions though, 1. I work for a private ambulance company, i want to brodcast my private channel to my blackberry, 2. if i set all this up will i have to hear the scanning on my...
  6. S

    scanner to Blackberry, any ideas?

    Ok, I have placed my scanner online via Scanamerica.us (Frederick, Md.). are there any ideas on how to get this to my blackberry other than the m.moodio.fm used by Scanamerica? I am also using ProScan. Thanks, jb