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  1. Awesomeman92

    Bloomington PD Channel Numbers

    I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into why Bloomington PD uses their Channel 3 for dispatch, and Channel 1 for backup. That just seems kind of weird to me, especially since I've seen resources that were updated fairly recently that list Channel 1 as the dispatch channel, and the DB...
  2. C

    What info are you trying to identify in Bloomington-Normal?

    In the spirit of the http://forums.radioreference.com/illinois-radio-discussion-forum/95373-what-info-you-trying-identify-champaign-urbana.html I am making a similar page for Bloomington-Normal. Trying to identify frequencies/talkgroups can be a time consuming task, but with shared knowledge...
  3. W

    Monroe County Indiana

    I had been listening to the Monroe County Indiana Safe-T feed and it has been offline for a few days. Will it be available again soon or somewhere else? Thanks, Tom