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blue angels

  1. MagicMan08

    Fargo Airsho 2018 - Frequencies?

    Anyone able to catch any unique frequencies from the practices? Blues? Other Performers? Air Boss Freq and Discreet Comms? I have several but I'm seeing if anyone else out there has something as I was not able to get. I've been doing a lot of digging as well on the other sub forums and what...
  2. W

    Myrtle Beach Air Show

    The Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show at the Myrtle Beach International Airport is next weekend, April 28-29. The Show's website says that participant teams will be arriving on Thursday, and will practice on Friday: Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show – April 28-29, 2018 Major aviation...
  3. D

    Blue angels

    I attended the 2017 Fleet Week in San Francisco October 7-8, 2017. The Blue Angels used a frequency referred to as Comm Channel 20. The frequency was 246.500 MHz (AM). I've collected their frequencies for years and this one was not on my list.
  4. K

    Blue Angels over Baltimore

    Hearing them right now on 284.250. Practicing for the weekends shows.
  5. A

    Alliance (KAFW) Blue Angel Radio Freq's Posted

    The US Navy Blue Angel's are at the Dallas-Ft. Worth area Alliance Airport (KAFW) this weekend (30 & 31 October 2010) and typically start around ~14:30 local (subject to change). USAF F-22 Raptor also on station. Mil-Air Frequencies Monitored at KAFW yesterday at Alliance during Practice...
  6. H

    Seafair Blue Angels Practice 7/30/09

    I watched the Blue Angels practice from my office window in Renton this afternoon. After they spent a couple hours surveying for landmarks over Lake Washington, they ran a practice show with the usual Puuuullllll type lingo. I had grabbed a bunch of freqs from the internet going back to 2004...