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  1. E

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick (part 1)

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick I bought 2 of these inexpensive RTL sticks for just over $12 each almost 3 years ago. IEIK SDRICE RTL-SDR FM DAB DVB-T USB Stick Set with RTL2832U & R820T Great SDR for SDR# ADS-B Receiver Set Radio Compatible ICE Input...
  2. W

    motorola portable antennas

    Hello, I'm in need of some Motorola expertise.... Reading through some forums, people swear that mx to bnc adapters for Motorola ht's work. I have a couple of the Waris and Mototrbo lines. Ht750/1250's and xpr 3300/6350. Looking at the antenna jacks on these radios, I feel that a bnc adapter...
  3. R

    BCD996XT: Antenna connecter

    What does the antenna of this unit look like? Can I connect an RG-6/59 coax to it or will I need a special adapter? I don't even know if it is an BNC male or female port or if a coax can connect to it.
  4. yaesumofo

    short flexible SMA antennas and others...

    Hi guys. I am a sound mixer and we use lot of RF in the business. Anyway, I use a brand of wireless called LECTROSONIC. they are arguably the best in the business. I have some that I used to use in a block that is no longer available to us in the 700 MHZ area. I pulled one of the SMA antennas...
  5. W

    50 ohm cable to 75 ohm cable?

    Here's what I want to accomplish to use a roof-mount antenna with my Pro-163 scanner: -First, I have a 50' RG8/U cable that I will run from the antenna down to my house. -Next what I want to do is use an adapter to convert RG8/U (with type N connectors) to RG6, then use the existing RG6 cabling...
  6. K

    Pro-97 BNC Connector and Housing

    Hello, Does anyone know where to get the BNC connector for the Pro-97 or a compatible part number for the connector? Also, Does anyone know where to get the plastic housing for the Pro-97??? Thanks, Dylan Beck KI4MOC