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border patrol

  1. ssmith39

    CHP and Border Patrol Interop

    After listening to a "failure to yield" pursuit the other day I heard what sounded like Border Patrol units on low band getting involved. (1) Are the "Border xx" callsigns CHP or Border Patrol? (2) What (who) is the "Border King" callsign? (3) How does the Border Patrol communicate with the...
  2. M

    Southern NM Border Patrol Frequencies

    I am currently searching for Deming and Lordsburg New Mexico Border Patrol Frequencies.Before their P25 upgrade they used 165.900, 168.875, 163.675. I have searched 160.000-174.000 with no luck. Complete silence. I can hear Santa Teresa, Las Cruces, Fabens TX, El Paso TX, and Ysleta Border...
  3. arockwel

    Blaine Border Patrol and local Police

    A few years ago the Blaine sector Border Patrol went digital. Are they also encrypted? I'm also interested in hearing the local cities (Blaine, Lynden, Sumas) that use the same dispatcher and wondering if they're also encrypted, too. Are they still running off 163.625?