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  1. hanklane

    163.1 MHz Federal Agency, Boston, MA

    Has anyone heard 'in the clear' traffic on 163.1MHz in the Boston MA area so as to identify the federal agency (s) using the Itinerant frequency? Recent comms have all been encrypted.
  2. Eastie

    Requiring Assistance w/ Trunked Programming

    Hello everyone, I can not seem to figure out how to program this trunked database... Boston City Services Trunking System, Boston, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencies I have programmed all the channels just fine.. they work.. I understand it is mixed (Type IIi Hybrid) How do i get these...
  3. Eastie

    Heavy Western Accent

    I'm getting a transmission on 27.02500 CB Band right now (11:05am) of man with a heavy western accent. He is talking but I cant hear the other side of the conversation. "Keep it cool, keep it goin'. Down right with it know, there ya go. Keeeeep it goin." I am in Boston.. Is it possible to hear...
  4. Eastie

    Need Alitalia Freq. at Logan Airport

    Does anyone have Alitalia's frequency? Or, trunked group if they are with other airlines? I have two frequency's that are floating around the web... I've been scanning them for about 5 months now and only one works, 131.3000 but I think they are in NY because Ive heard JFK mentioned and JFK's...
  5. J

    Boston EMS - "BMC Menino"

    Hi Gang, Listening to Boston EMS via online feed, I wonder why they refer to Boston Medical Center as the BMC Menino. Is there another BMC location that receives ambulances? Or is this a political reference to the Mayor? Thanks for your replies.