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  1. G


    I just purchased the Uniden BCD436HP handheld scanner (with "home patrol" ZIP Code programming), primarily for listening to LVMPD. I entered several Las Vegas ZIP codes, including my friend's ZIP code, 89117 (Summerlin) and I never saw the "new" P25 Phase II system come up on the scanner. Worked...
  2. MedicDavid78

    ARC536: Feature request

    If this has been requested/brought up before then please accept my apologies ahead of time, I couldn't find any topics when I did a search for it. If I may suggest, to add a feature in the ARC-536 software, similar to Whistler's EZ-Scan with the TRX models, in regards to recordings maybe add...
  3. M

    2016 BuTel Black Friday Sale - All ARC software packages are 50% off

    BuTel Famous Black Friday crazy sales is back! The Dutchman is going crazy again! All ARC software packages are 50% off this black friday! Correct price will be shown at check out. No extra discounts All software sales are final, strictly no refunds ! http://www.butel.nl The older Black...
  4. KJ4TDM

    ARC-XT Pro Scanner Reading Issue

    Has anyone ever had any issues while reading your scanner? By issues I mean it will read to a point and stop? That point is different each time. The software if left alone will read a system every 10-20 seconds. I have 50+ stations so it takes a long time to read them all. I am running ARC-XT...
  5. R

    ARC500: Not happy with Butel...

    So I bought a RS Pro 652 with the cable that came with the software of the regular version of ARC 500. So last week I decided to upgrade it to the Pro version. They request the keys to the old software. As from other posts this was an issue. Thankfully I paid with PayPal. I have been arguing...
  6. M

    2013 Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    [Quick Price List] ARC PATROL = $14.95 - (regular price $29.95) ARC-XT BASIC = $19.99 - (regular price $39.95) ARC-XT PRO = $34.95 - (regular price $69.95) * ARC246 for BC246T = $19.99 (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $19.99 (basic) (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $34.95...
  7. M

    BCT8 software problems(ARC8)

    I just updated the firmware fine, and would like to try to use Arc8 to program some Alpha tags and such. My problem is whenever I try to send or read the data from the scanner, it says Data 34 Reading trunk type failed. I have the scanner set to remote mode yet it still is not working I have...
  8. T

    Unable to capture city information

    I am using ARC-XT-PRO When I go into the database here, I can pull up by state, then by county and select which type system. Or I can pull up by agency. However, when I pull up NC and Hoke County, I do not get any listings for the town of Raeford. I can get that info if I come direct in and not...
  9. captmike

    BC250D and Butel software

    I would like to download software to further program my BC250D for my mac. The butel software is only for Win. Anyone have other than butel software for their mac?
  10. M

    Scanner display screen saver

    I'm using an older flat screen monitor that shows two virtual scanner displays (996t and 996xt). (ProScan software on Dell Optiplex running Windows XP SP3 if it matters) Since the monitor is on 24/7, I'm concerned that they will "burn" into the screen. Does anyone know of any screen saver...
  11. MedicDavid78

    ARC-XT Pro software

    Does anybody know a website, besides the BuTel website or ScannerMaster, where I can buy the ARC-XT Pro software at a discounted rate maybe? For example on the ScannerMaster website u can find Uniden scanners cheaper than the actual Uniden website... I just don't have $70, I just spent a...
  12. GTR8000

    Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    Butel Software $35 for ARC-XT PRO, that's $5 less than the regular $40 cost of the basic version. :D
  13. rvacs

    ARC15 PRO - data into ARC XT

    Hello All, I was hearing that I could take the data from my ARC15 PRO and take it into my new ARC XT for my BCD996xt. I tried Saving and doing an import but the data is not showing up to select. Has anyone done this - any suggestions?
  14. joefil

    Programming the IC-R6 with Butel ARC 6 Software

    I have a newly purchased Icom IC R6 receiver, Icom cloning cable as well as the Butel Software. The information on how to use this software regarding uploading data is scant to non existant in the Radio user manual and the ARC 6 help file. A call to ICOM was not any more enlightening. I can not...
  15. J

    Butel Customer Support

    I have been trying to get in touch with Gommert at Butel. I sent an e-mail a few days ago, but I have not received a reply yet. I thought I read something on his web page about him being on vacation, but I can't seem to find that right now to determine if he is back from vacation. Does...
  16. L


    Do they still make eazystream?