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  1. C

    replacement for ex600

    Hi i am looking to replace a few motorola vhf ex600 radios and am looking for somethin simular. Something that has the same features and the same power output. If you have any suggestions it would be great Thank you all for yout help
  2. B

    BCD436HP: For those thinking about buying a 436

    I had this radio for about 4 months and wanted to share my thoughts with those who are thinking about making the purchase. First I will start with the good things about this radio. I will agree with what others have stated in other threads that this radio on systems such as the ones in...
  3. WX9RLT

    Pro-197 Antenna

    I am looking for a good antenna for my Pro-197 I know I will have to probably pick up 2 different types. I want to monitor the following freq ranges, ranked in order of priority: 800-900 150-160 118-136 I prefer something not outdoors. Any ideas, cheaper the better
  4. wireless_friendly

    Ham Friendly Kenwood LMR Dealer

    HI all! I am looking for ham friendly Kenwood LMR dealer in US. With ability to ship inside CA state or/and overseas. Ham Friendly means good pricing and ability to work with not a volume orders (but above $100). Please PM or e-mail me: wireless.friendly [at] gmail.com