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  1. R

    Yaesu: FT-70D bad sensitivity?

    I've searched google and this forum and not found anyone else mention this issue. The sensitivity on my radio (FT-70DE, which is the same as the FT-70DR but the European version) is awful. On other radios I can hear a repeater perfectly fine, but on this Yaesu I can only hear it if I open the...
  2. W

    Yaesu: FTM-100DR - C4FM Not Working

    The digital side is not working at all on my friends radio. I started updating the firmware but noticed the DSN firmware read version 0.00. I went ahead and tried updating the Radio, Display Panel, and finally the DSN. All took the firmware upgrade but the DSN. Anyone else have the same...
  3. H

    Yaesu FT-2DR

    Quiero exponer un problema que tengo desde que adquiri el Yaesu FT-2DR. El problema que me ha pasado con este radio es en el modo digital cuando transmito, el mismo se tildea a veces en pleno QSO y para solventar el problema hay que apagarlo y encenderlo nuevamente para que funcione, he...
  4. w2xq

    Which C4FM HT?

    I am in a puzzlement on buying a new HT as what to replace my current, dying, very old Yaesu VX6-R. Looking at repeater lists such as repeaterbook.com and here suggests that Yaesu C4FM repreaters carry the torch for digital repeaters. D-Star repeaters are few in and far between in my area, and...
  5. vk3xem

    Yaesu: HRI-200

    I am waiting for my HRI-200 WIRES-X node to arrive in the next week or so. I would like to use the monitor socket on the rear of the node to set up a Broadcastify feed for people around the world to listen to. I am going to use the same computer the WIRES-X node will be using, as the HRI-200...
  6. SlipNutz15

    C4FM or CQPSK

    I have a question in reference to the programming of the radios in my county. I've been reading that if the channel is a single repeater site the channel should be programmed with the C4FM for field units. The radio company that programmed all our radios across the county made all of the...
  7. BamaScan

    500 dollar Yaesu C4FM Repeater

    I just found out that Yaesu is selling the C4FM Repeater for 500 dollars. You have to call the directly. I have seen them retail as high as 1 thousand elsewhere. This sounds to good to be true. I called Yaesu directly and the confirmed it. Wonder why they are lowering the price ?? Maybe they are...
  8. BamaScan

    Can we get C4FM Added to the Database ?

    Can we get C4FM Digital Mode by Yaesu added to the Database ? My Database Admin said there is no way he can add C4FM to the database. It does not give him an option. So he has to use p25. It is not P25 and no P25 Digital scanner can decode C4FM. The Database Admin is stuck with adding it as a...
  9. BamaScan

    Yaesu C4FM Repeaters close by in beta trials

    The new Yaesu C4FM Repeaters are now on the air in my area. They are also known as System Fusion. The repeaters are in beta modes right now means they have not been released to the public for sell. The repeaters that I know about are located in Troy, Alabama and in Crestview, Florida. There is...
  10. V

    Yaesu Introduces System Fusion

    Yaesu is calling their digital product line "System Fusion"; they introduced the new suie at TAPR in Seattle recently. There's video: Dennis, K7BV of Yaesu Introduces System Fusion & DR-1 Digital/FM FDMA C4FM Repeater HamRadioNow Episode 99: Yaesu Announces Digital Voice Repeater at the...