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  1. W

    LMR400 to RG6

    I have RG6 Cable already ran throughout my house like most people do and I just cancelled Cable so I want to know if anyone has used RG6 instead LMR400 for their base stations? I bought LMR400 cable and have it connected to my Antenna 30ft above the ground on my roof but it's just coming...
  2. J

    Availability BC-UTGC Uniden GPS Adapter for SDS100

    Hello friends! Has anyone heard anything about when these cables will become available again? I ordered one from Gigaparts back in June and the ETA originally said August. I just checked their site and now it says September. They must be heavily constrained! I don’t want to lose my place in...
  3. G

    Cable Modems

    Hello, is it possible to receive anything if I khooked up a cable modem to an IC 8500?
  4. D

    Johnson Messenger 4145 power hook up

    I don't know much about CB Radios but I just got my hand on the Johnson Messenger 4145 and don't have any power cables for it. What would I need to connect it to a car and possibly home power? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. S

    BC346XT: usb cable

    I am trying to connect the scanner to my laptop. I have a 9 pin male serial to usb cable that connects to the female cable supplied with the unit. When I try to download files from FreeScan I get a communication error cannot communicate with the scanner. I have used this usb cable to program...
  6. A

    Spectra Remote Cable

    Hello everyone. Im trying to remote mount my older Spectra radio and im having trouble finding the right cable. Its an older radio (model no. DA4KM+067W) but from what ive been able to find it is remote-able. Ive tried to find cables but the only ones i can find have the DB15 connector...
  7. AlJones

    Programming the TYT Th-9800

    When I purchased my new TH-9800 it came with a cable branded TYT and a disk. I'm unable to load any software from the disk - it doesn't help that much of it is in Chinese!. Adding to that, the vendor says that it won't work under Windows 10 (or XP Sp3 apparently) When I plug in the cable...
  8. L

    Problem with Programming Icom IC-F80DS

    Hi guys, I am new here so welcome everybody. and sorry to ask for a help straight after registration but I struggle with this a lot. I purchased used icom-f80ds p25 radio from ebay for almost nothing. It seems like a nice radio, durable and biger than other radios I have, but I cannot get it...
  9. S

    Where is the problem?

    Hello everyone! I have a problem. Yesterday I started to record my Uniden bc125at scanner with scanner recorder program. ( using scanner headphone jack, cable like this 3.5mm jack to rca - , and adapter 3.5mm jack to rca - to connect to scanner ), but there's one problem- noise. (example, starts...
  10. n7rvn

    RFGUYS Non-responsive - BEWARE

    I am really not sure where to post this in the tavern.... Myself and several others I am acquainted with have been having issues with RFGUYS. Orders have taken more than nine weeks and still not arrived. A programming cable had a broken pin in it when it arrived, making the cable useless...
  11. W

    BCD996XT: 4-pin Mini-USB Cable & Front Port

    Good evening, all! I recently purchased a used BCD-996XT from eBay, and it came with a 4-pin mini-USB programming cable. (It doesn't appear to be Uniden, and I'm almost positive it's not the USB-1 cable.) Since it came with the scanner, I presume the previous owner was using it. Anyhoo, it...
  12. S

    IC-R5 USB Cable

    I've got an IC-R5 I haven't used in years and I'd like to start using it again. If memory serves my programming cable was a D-Sub cable (I can't find it). I only have Windows 7 PC with USB ports now. Where can I buy a USB cable (or good instructions to make one) that will work with the IC-R5...
  13. K

    Icom: IC-7100, making extension cable, anyone else?

    I have the shielded RJ45, and I have shielded Cat6 cable, the black one that can go outside. I don't think that matter much, but it has a tough thick outer covering and that can only be good. Has anyone made one as long as 50 feet or longer with success? Does anyone agree that the cable being...
  14. C

    Motorola xpr 4350

    what programming software and what cable would i need to program a motorola xpr4350 and how much should i expect to pay for each
  15. N

    436HP and GPS cabling

    I don't own the 436HP yet, but I do own a relic Garmin GPS V which has a NMEA output. I can buy various cables to fit the GPS. Some have serial connectors (PC connect), some are bare wire, etc. What would be the simplest cabling method to hook the two together?
  16. B

    396xt Cable Question

    Can anyone show/tell what the 396xt cable looks like? I think I bought the one from Scanner Master. My problem is, it got misplaced. I found a usb cable that fits it, but my computer doesn't recognize it and assign a COM port, so I am not sure if I got the right cable or not.
  17. OK2BCK

    Icom ID-880H programming cable question

    Hello thanks for looking. I have IC-208H and appropriate programming USB cable and I wonder if I can use 3.5mm stereo female-to-2.5mm stereo male cable adapter to fit it into the ID-880H. I don't really feel like spending $$ on another cable only because Icom decided to change the data jack...
  18. R

    396t and USB1 cable not working

    I know. . . another thread. I have been scouring through the forum looking for a solution to my problem, but can't seem to find it. Problem: I connect my 396t with a USB1 cable to a Win 7 machine. I've updated the PL2303 drivers, but for the life of me I cannot see the scanner. There are no...
  19. J

    Audio/Video Cable for Pro-106?

    I've recently stumbled onto a problem with my Pro-106 Scanner and my PC/IF cable. (RS Category No. 20-047). It seems that either A). My computers sound card is not capable of picking up the audio data being put out from the scanner and cable or B). The model cable I have for the scanner isn't...
  20. F

    Serial to USB converter Suitable for Uniden Bearcat BC346XT?

    Hello all; I plan to purchase a Uniden Bearcat BC346XT, found at the link below, for use in the NYC area. I plan to use Freescan to program it myself, but I was curious to know whether or not the Serial to USB Adapter cable below would be compatible. It seems as if it has the correct chipset...