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  1. K

    Security Cam Feed Split

    Does it make sense, that I could "T" the feed from a single security camera, to two 'control box's' ?? Such as have two points to monitor the feed ?? .
  2. w2xq

    NJ Traffic Light Cameras Get the Red Light

    Looks like a number of communities have been playing with the lights. Lessee... red means slow, yellow means stomp on it. Smile and say cheese... N.J. traffic cameras get the red-light | Courier-Post | courierpostonline.com You can't make this stuff up.
  3. firephoto20

    New Camera ?

    Ok so I'm looking for a new camera. I was looking at a Nikon D40 but my friend said there not that good and that I would probably be better off with a Sony or a Cannon. I am look at a Sony DSLR-A200W or a DSLR-A300K. I'm not sure which one to get ! Extra Lense or Sound and digital zoom is a...