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  1. S

    HT1250 Screen Replacement Help

    Hello everyone, I'm SEK494 and I'm new to the site. So I purchesed a used HT1250 UHF for use when I'm working with my Fire Department. (Yes, Its all legal and will be programed by the sheriffs office.) Unfortanetly the screen is broke. I can not justify the $140 repair service. However, I...
  2. F

    cb interference from leveling system

    We have a Case IH 8120 combine with a Hillco leveling system. We use Uniden 510XL in everything except a couple of rigs have 520's. The problem with the one in the combine is it picks up noise from the leveling system. It only goes off when it is activly moving, or adjusting either way. If...
  3. Danny37

    Can anyone recommend a case for the yaesu vx-3r

    Yesterday I was out and it was snowing pretty bad I went to grab my vx-3r out of my pocket and it slipped from my hand and hit the concrete. Luckily it hit the floor on its back and the battery cover cracked. I just ordered a new cover online but now I really need a case cause I use it so much...
  4. O

    Pro-92 metal body

    I recently purchased a Pro-92 via internet auction. My reason for purchase is that I always held the belief that the Pro-92 was one of the few (if only?) hand-held which touted a metal body, rather than plastic. Imagine my frustration when I received the Pro-92, which possessed a plastic body...
  5. T

    Motorola GP380/HT1250 Blue Casing

    Anybody know where I could get a blue GP380/HT1250 in close to new condition or a blue casing/refurb kit for one? (At a reasonable price Ex: under $300) As seen on page 4 of this document, Blue Radio Shown in This PDF Doc Example of yellow refurb kit: 200479923151 Oh, PS: Is there any other...