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cdm1250 motorola

  1. M

    Looking for new motorola UHF mobile

    I have a cdm1250 uhf 450-512 and I'm using the 460 MHz range and its already narrow banded at 12.5 kHz but will need to drop it to 6.25 kHz in the near future and the cdm1250 isn't capable of this as far as I know of. Narrowbanding - The RadioReference Wiki My question is there a way the...
  2. J

    motorola CDM rick help

    Hi all im new to the form and young and green but thanks for having me. Currently I have some CDM 1250s and I was given a rick and 2 16 pin cables to go with it. Im trying to figure out how to hook it up as a repeater but when I set the accessory pins to rick RX on one radio and rick TX on the...
  3. N

    Motorola CDM 1250

    i have a question about the scan list and zone feature on the Motorola CDM 1250. I can get the scan to work in zone 1 but when i go to zone 2 to try and scan them channels it goes back to zone 1 to scan them. Is there any way to scan zone 1 and zone 2 on its own? I cant figure it out is there...
  4. M

    Motorola CDM1250 Silent Tones

    Ok so i work for a private ambulance company and we use the cdm1250 mobile for our ambulances...my problem is that the tones sent from dispatch are so loud compared to the dispatchers voice...so if we turn down the radio to save our hearing, we cant hear the voice dispatch, and if we turn it up...