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  1. A

    CDM750 Low Band 60W Range

    Roughly, how far can a 60W CDM750 transmit on Pink Dot, 42.980Mhz FM with a 49" whip antenna? Given it was properly licensed, etc?
  2. fdnyfish

    RF Power adjustment CDM750

    I have purchased a few used CDM750's over the last 6 months for small projects. I run into the same problem on Low Power models as well as High power models. I'm not getting the correct RF power when I test the power out on a meter, I have tried a few different meters and antennas. Using a...
  3. A

    Motorola CDR700 Trade Value?

    Hello. I have a complete UHF CDR700 repeater, 403-470 split. It is used but in good condition, and works perfectly well. It has 2 CDM750 radios, antenna duplexer, controller, power supply, fan cooled case and all cables / connectors etc. What I would like to know is what kind of trade value this...
  4. S

    CDR700 with CDM750's Repeater and duplexer

    I am attempting to program the CDR700. I got it setup to repeat on the same frequency but got a constant tone from the TX radio every time the RX radio received. I changed to a different TX frequency and no more tone. I still want it to re-transmit on the same freq. Somewhere in the middle of...
  5. S

    CDM750 Antenna

    What type of adapter do I need to connect my CDM750 to an antenna with a PL-259 connector? Thank you.
  6. jwsommerfelt52601

    CDM750 Help

    I am about to buy a motorola CDM750 VHF for use in stormspotting duties. When we are activated we "paged" similer to volunteer firefighters. My question is does the CDM750 have the ability to receive the page tones as long as it is on or monitoring our frequency?