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  1. E

    Chattanooga General

    I’m new here and don’t know much! I finally got my BF-F9V2+ and am slowly learning the ins and outs of these radios. I don’t have much time or money to sink into all of this yet, but I hope to get my ham license eventually so I do more than listen! I’m making this thread so people can post about...
  2. C

    Does anyone use ProVoice or DMR in the Chattanooga area? Is it worth purchasing?

    Just curious if it is worth purchasing.
  3. C

    Chattanooga/ Hamilton County fire ton outs

    I have searched quite a bit and found nothing on FTO's for the Chattanooga/ Hamilton county area. If someone could share this info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. SCPD

    Chattanooga Tennessee P25 system

    I just recently purchased a unified bcd536hp and I used the sentinel software to program the p25 system to my scanner. For some reason whenever I hear a transmission it comes in very patchy sounding and then clears up. It only clears up sometimes. Most transmissions can't even be made out. Any...
  5. charles37419

    Chattanooga P25 Control Channel

    I live in Chattanooga in the Lookout Valley Tiftonia area.Yesterday after the storm the control channel for P25 856.2375 is very weak.Anyone else having this trouble?Plus when it did work Chattanooga Police had very little traffic and only in the daytime.Is Chattanooga PD not full time on this...
  6. kf4lhp

    Chickamauga Dam Lock Replacement Contractors

    Contractors on the project to replace the lock at the Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga are using 464.550 MHz, PL 67.0 - simplex. If you want to listen, PL is recommended. There are other co-channel users nearby.
  7. kf4lhp

    Chattanooga / Hamilton County Rebanding

    Note that this also affects Catoosa County as well... Applications are either pending or have been approved for rebanding of the Chattanooga / Hamilton County system. In the simulcast zone (Lookout / Signal / White Oak / Sale Creek Mountains), these frequencies will be added to replace the 11...
  8. kf4lhp

    Chattanooga Trunk: American Red Cross

    American Red Cross has a talkgroup on the Chattanooga trunk system, 24592, analog mode. There is a shelter set up at the Brainerd Recreation Center and the talkgroup is intermittently active. --mws / kf4lhp