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  1. Astrogoth13

    P25 digital on the cheap?

    Part of my local stuff is digital P25 Phase 1. Can a low cost handheld radio decode that and if so what model? I don't want to get back into programing another ASTRO. Thanks folks.
  2. B

    New to Scanning

    I want to be able to access a 365 DPL tone with FMN mode. What would be the cheapest scanner capable of picking this up? I really want to get into scanning but don't want to spend a ton of money. Thanks for the help!
  3. J

    Looking for "cheap" antenna online

    Hi! I've heard that the stock rubish antenna are not very good (and it's easy to guess why...). So I'm looking for an antenna on ebay.ca (SMA-F Dual band) that is resistant (it won't break too easily) and that is good (obviously). Since most of you guys know those stuff, I fugured that maybe...
  4. K

    Alternatives To Log Periodics - Need An Inexpensive, Directional, Broadband Antenna

    I'm wondering what type of cheap alternative there is to a log periodic antenna... something that's broadband, directional, high-gain, but low-cost too? It occurred to me in looking at log periodics how much they resemble regular 'ol TV antennas. I'm not so naive to think I could put a TV...
  5. A

    What to start with?

    Brand new to radio stuff. I understand the concept, but I actually want to do something. I obviously don't want to spend a huge amount of money, until I know I like it. My friend in Utah (I'm in Florida.) does some radio stuff, and I wanted to know if there was some type of cheap equipment that...
  6. alfonzo1955

    Need Cheap Scanner for UniTrunker

    I need a cheap scanner that can listen on 800MHz and is able to be hooked up to UniTrunker so it can drive my PSR-310 to listen to ProVoice. Any ideas? Cheap Scanner -> UniTrunker -> PSR-310 -> DSD
  7. R

    $20 SDR Radio

    This is nothing too new, but I had to try it out. A friend of mine picked up one of the tv tuner cards (Realtek RT 2832u/4000) that were reported to be good for a cheap SDR. I didn't think it would work but, wow, after just a little bit of playing around today it was pulling in signals. The...
  8. honda112

    Help! Please!

    Hey guys, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and want to listen to tone outs from the Liberty Township Fire Station just up the road. I am not sure what radio I can get that will work. I am looking for a cheap way to listen to what is going on. Please Help guys. Thanks.
  9. C

    Am I on the right track with my DIY scanner antenna?

    Hi all, I'm a real radio newbie, and have just started messing around with a BC246T. Can you believe I already want a new antenna after a week and a half with this thing? I've been reading through many of the posts here, and learning a lot. I've also done a lot of research other places. I...