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  1. V

    Chesapkeake -Is it just me?

    After this weeks update of the database which included some changes to Chesapeake P25 system, I am experiencing severe loss of transmissions. I must admit I had not updated for three weeks, and I noticed all the frequencies for the site all added another digit “5” at the end of the...
  2. WA4HHG

    Chesapeake Project 16 - No copy

    So, I can copy Chesapeake City's Project 25 seemingly all ok but I sse the scanner popo up with another talk group, labled "Project 16." Am getting not hits on Project 16. Anyone know why ?
  3. V

    Chesapeake P25

    I noticed yesterday the database info for Chesapeake's P25 system, was updated and added the West Police dispatch and Fire/EMS dispatcha and a Tac. i updated my scanner using the database, but as it has been all along for me, Inhave never heard any transmissions at all on my 436HP for this...
  4. V

    Channel For Hospital/Rescue Comms

    I am stumped and looking for some advice. I easily get Chesapeake Ambulance communications and their transport comms with Chesapeake a General, but no other hospitals they transport to, such as Maryview, Harbourview, or Norfolk General. Could this be because they are not in the trucked system...
  5. J

    Chesapeake PS Motorola System

    Hi all, I have a RS PRO-96. I live in Chesapeake, and am having problems receiving the Chesapeake 800 MHz system on my scanner. It is receiving some transmissions, I do pick up some traffic from FD Dispatch, and occasionally from PD East and West, but it seems to spend a lot of time "hung up"...
  6. Delta

    Programming help/advice Uniden 996XT

    Hello folks, I'm having a very difficult time programming the Uniden 996XT, in fact I'm completely clueless. I have done the best I can with both ARC-XT and Freescan. When I compile everything to send to the scanner everything filed under S0:1 which I assume is the quick key. So it's not...
  7. G

    Chesapeake Fire/EMS Unit Designation Question

    I have just started listening to Chesapeake Fire/EMS after several years away, and I've noticed that on some EMS calls a unit called "Am" or "A.M." is dispatched rather than a Medic. Is this a BLS Ambulance vs. a "Medic" being ALS? If so, do ALS/BLS ambulances rotate through the stations or...