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  1. W

    Richmond and Chesterfield PD units with "x" behind their number

    I hear some units referred to by their number with an "x" after it. Anyone know what this means? Anyone have a code, signal and unit list for CPD?
  2. W

    Question about Minitor in VA

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the right place. I am a Volunteer with Chesterfield Fire and EMS and every now and then when the resources get depleted (ex. Brush Fires...Mutual Aid... Rescues) The ECC will page out a volunteer recall (fire or EMS)...my problem is the Vol. Firefighters have...
  3. Me-In-Va

    Police zones / precincts

    I have been looking for a map or a listing of how counties (Chesterfield county in particular) are divided up into the different patrol zones. My scanner, Pro-106, has listings such as Zone 1, Zone 2, etc... But is there anywhere that I can get a definitive list of how it is all broken down...
  4. V

    Palm800 TG 53408 in the Pee Dee

    Hey guys I am trying to ID tgid 53408, heard around the pee dee on bennettsville and marion towers. Im pretty sure it relates to ChesterfieldCo Sheriff, even though the tg numbering is not with the rest of chesterfield. maybe a cid channel, but can not confirm a hundred percent. If anyone can...
  5. H

    Chesterfield Co. "hanging" freq

    Whenever my Pro-96 picks up traffic on 856.23750 in C'field, it doesn't seem to want to release the freq. I start picking up traffic from surrounding TGs and have to hit the scan button to release. I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
  6. E

    Problems in Chesterfield

    Has anyone else had problems trunk tracking Richmond / Henrico / Chesterfield / Colonial Heights from Chesterfield? With help from a smart guy in a Pro 106 user groups I figured out that one of the frequencies off the Chesterfield tower is broadcasting silence preventing truck tracking scanners...