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    Chinese Air Defense MC03 station, 5139 kHz LSB, January, 2019

    Chinese military station MC03 has been active this month on 5139 kHz, LSB mode. For those not familiar, this is one of several oddity stations that are believed to be Chinese military related, in this case very possibly air defense or air tracking. It may be related to VC01, the "Chinese...
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    Strong RFI from Chinese goods?

    Has anyone else had problems with RFI from cheap Chinese goods? I'm currently having issues with an "Auto-VOX A118 B40" car dash cam which is destroying 2M ham/business bands within 20-30 feet of my car. A ferrite choke reduced noise to about S2 on all but one frequency (148.510 per my...
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    Chinese radio features

    Hey Everyone...I had a couple of questions regarding the chinese two way radios such as wouxun, baofeng, etc. I'm looking for a radio that has 2/5 tone encoding, a voice (who knows what) scrambler, and possibly mdc, and other commercial features... I'm a bit confused as to the origins of these...