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civil air patrol

  1. relay99

    Ohio Civil Air Patrol (CLEVELAND)

    Was scanning around tonight with a few different radios and I stumbled upon the Civil Air Patrol here in Cleveland talking and testing back and forth to each other for quite some time on 148.150 . While not earth shattering news it's the first time I ever heard them in Cleveland. RR has the...
  2. blantonl

    RadioReference receives a Cease and Desist Demand from the Civil Air Patrol

    We received a Cease and Desist demand from the Civil Air Patrol to remove a post that had a PDF attached of a CAP communications plan. We've complied with the request for now pending further review of the legalities of the request. The thread where the post was removed was here...
  3. M

    Wisconsin Wing - WIWG - Civil Air Patrol

    Wisconsin Wing - Civil Air Patrol - Repeaters Repeater Locations: R01 – Northwest WI – near Duluth, MN (MN Wing) R14 - Northwest WI – near Cable R23 - Northwest WI – near Rice Lake R56 - Northeast WI – near Eagle River R17 – Northeast WI – near...
  4. M

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies SEARCH REQUEST

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies Scanner Enthusiasts Monitoring Search/Logging Request. California Civil Air Patrol CAP VHF Narrowband Transition - New Frequencies and Repeaters Transition of CAP VHF frequencies from Wideband to Narrowband is currently...