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clackamas county

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    West Linn Police!

    For a while now, I have been trying to listen to the dispatch chatter of my local police department which is West Linn. I had been listening to the Clackamas County Law Enforcement scanner on Broadcastify and 155.430/155.190 on my Baofeng Uv-5ra and thought that I was in the right place until I...
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    Clackamas county Sheriff & Fire Phase II Upgrade Encryption question

    I was hoping to create a broadcastify feed for Clackamas County fire and in the future the Law enforcement side in the next month or so. I have been discussing the upgrade of CCOM system with a knowledgeable source in preparation of creating the feed. This person stated that CCOM and...
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    SDR# & clackamas Fire

    I am hoping that someone will respond with a reason why I can not pickup any of the clackamas fire feeds. I am using the RLT NooElec dongle with SDR Sharp. I can see the radio frequencies in the bottom graph but cannot hear anything. I also can get a strong FM signal. Any help appreciated if...
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    clackmas county feeds

    I have been wondering when the clackamas county feeds will come back up. I know they have been down for a bit. Should I try and get something put together to supplement this feed while the other provider is working on his?
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    Bad sound in Clackamas county feed

    Any idea why there is such a bad connection/static issue with the clackamas county fire and police feeds? Does someone want to notify the provider.
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    Lake Oswego help?

    Hello, i am somewhat new to scanners and such but i would say i know the basics, any way, i have a pro-97 scanner. I would like some help getting good frequencies/ TG's for LO (lake Oswego). Most of you are thinking to redirect me to those database things, but i have spent HOURS on those and can...