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  1. CQ

    Out with the Old...Hag

    https://twitter.com/VanityFair/status/944613785171501056 Liberal outrage erupts after Vanity Fair pokes fun at Hillary Clinton | Fox News
  2. T

    Is clinton,ms on the MSwin now?

    I was wondering if clinton pd and fd are on mswin now? I have a pro 106 which i know will not pick up. Can someone let me know if that have switched. thanks
  3. E

    The Democrat Party Is Corrupt, and That Is The Fault of Russians?

    Why are most Democrats blaming this leak on Russians? Any actual proof that Russia, Russians, or Putin was behind this? Or just more Russophobia from the Clinton-Obama regime? Russia didn't make your party corrupt. You should be happy there is someobdy out there bringing the corruption to light.
  4. M

    Joint Clinton Scott Counties Dispatching?

    Recent media reports say that Clinton County is asking Scott County to look at preliminary study to have Clinton County dispatching to the Scott County 911 Center. Clinton County is needing to upgrade their communications as "narrow-banding has decreased the range of the current systems...
  5. W

    Western Oklahoma & Vance AFB?

    I am looking for anyone who has the ability to monitor Vance Air Force Base and parts of Custer County Oklahoma. I am hoping to get feedback on some frequencies that may need to be updated in the Radio Reference database. I have been using a PRO-107 and a cheap RadioShack discone antenna for...
  6. w2lie

    Clinton County Border Patrol?

    I am trying to located Border Patrol Frequencies in Clinton County NY to Canada. I am in the middle of programming a PRO-106 for someone, and I won't be able to search for them myself (as I am not the one going to Clinton County). There are a few dated threads here on RR that I was going to...