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close call

  1. J

    SDS100: Is it possible to review the Close Call "hits with scan" list?

    Hi, I'm running Close Call in DND mode and "Hits with scan" is on. I'm scanning in "Search with Scan" mode. Once Close Call finds a couple of frequencies I can see it start to scan them but can't figure out how to see that list. I'm wondering if there is there a way to do this. I've done a...
  2. D

    BC125AT: Firmware enhancement suggestions

    Hi all, Recently got into scanning and am currently enjoying my new BC125AT. After playing with it for a week, got a couple of suggestions, which Uniden might want to include in some form in the future firmware release (should there be one) 1 - limit the default Civil Air service search to...
  3. toastycookies

    Programming with FreeSCAN

    This is my first Uniden raido so I am not familiar at all with the menu system or programming. An included manual would have been nice... Was advised FreeSCAN is the best way to program this radio so this is the only software I have used on it. Wondering if I am doing this right. (I only have...
  4. C

    Experience with Pro-107? Signal Stalker and other Q's.

    I'm thinking about getting a Pro-107 for the Signal Stalker feature but heard some bad experiences with Signal Stalker. Can anyone share they opinion of the Pro-107's Signal Stalker feature? Bugs, issues, annoyances? i.e. hanging up on finding the RF it detected, etc. Anyone able to compare it...
  5. R

    Close Call and reviewing frequencies

    Hi All, I have a Uniden 396XT and I have just started to play with the Close Call feature. I am uncertain as to how I can review/store frequencies it finds using close call. Can anyone give me directions as to how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Russ
  6. B

    Bct15x pause problem - help!

    Hi all and a very good morning from UK. I have the BCT15X which I received the other day. I am used to using the UBC800XLT and previous Uniden scanners before that. I have a problem that I can't seem to find the answer to. I have programmed in some UK Milair frequencies and scans as it...
  7. M


    Does the BC95XLT have close call auto store? If so how do you view them do you have to connect to a pc or can you see it on the unit? Thanks!
  8. N

    Close call autostore - 996XT question

    Wading through the horrible twiki documentation I can not find any reference to how to turn on CC Auto Store or designate which system should be used to store any hits. I sure hope that someone at Uniden has plans to write a real user manual for this scanner !! Neil Bell
  9. car7858

    Michigan, BCD396XT, Close Call ?'s

    I set my Uniden scanner for the Close Call option but all I see is some of the 7 banks showing hits and I get no sound. Banks #2 & #4 seem to be the ones with the most traffic, often times the #2 bank traffic indicator is peaked quite high. Can anyone please tell me how to set this scanner...
  10. NB0B

    Spectrum Sweeper - How it works

    Has anyone ever posted how Spectrum Sweeper actually works? I've picked up bits and pieces along the way through several threads. What I'm looking for is an authoritative, concise, semi-technical, "no kidding" description of how Spectrum Sweeper actually does what it does. If you're not sure...