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  1. edweirdFL

    Holiday weekend means more marine traffic

    I started hearing more radio traffic on marine Ch 16 today than usual. When I went out of the house to run some errands I noticed that nearly all of the parking spaces around the boat ramps were full of empty trailers, and I could see a lot of boats out on the inland waterway. Today and...
  2. J

    question on marine ch 16 (american)

    Hi, I know marine ch 16 is for distress, but I dont understand when it is acceptable to use it for hailing. Are you supposed to monitor 16 and say, for recreational use, is your friend supposed to hail you on 16 with instructions to move to another channel? that is one way i've heard it is...
  3. blantonl

    US Coast Guard Rescue 21 Technology Will Speed Rescues

    San Diego Vessel Assist towboat operator Robert Butler spends a great deal of time traveling along the nation's coastline, seeking out gaps in VHF radio coverage. His mission, more or less, is to find out-of-the-way, hard-to-reach areas where VHF radio communications are typically poor, and...