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coast guard

  1. edweirdFL

    Holiday weekend means more marine traffic

    I started hearing more radio traffic on marine Ch 16 today than usual. When I went out of the house to run some errands I noticed that nearly all of the parking spaces around the boat ramps were full of empty trailers, and I could see a lot of boats out on the inland waterway. Today and...
  2. Airboss

    US Coast Giard Asset List/COTHEN

    I have just posted a major update to our list of US Coast Guard Air/Sea assets on the Milcom Monitor Post blog at Milcom Monitoring Post: US Coast Guard Asset Guide - Update 7 Jun 2016. A very common question I hear these days on the various newsgroups is where have the coast guard aircraft...
  3. screenersam

    Flare off SoCo, possible missing hunters

    Around 2000 there was a report of a yellow parachute flare off Janes Island (Crisfield). SoCo marine 4 and 9 responded, as did Trooper 4 and one or more NRP units, possible CG boat. Radio traffic on SoCo, NRP and CG 16 and 21. By 2045 Trooper 4 called off searching and other units followed...
  4. crazy_19

    Coast Guard and Lake MIchigan

    Hey all, I was contemplating getting a HF reciver but before I do I was wondering if anybody knows if their is much usage of HF by either the Coast Guard or vessels in general in the area of southern Lake Michigan.
  5. EP204

    Coast Guard Frequencies for NC?

    Does anyone know then for the NC area? Especially for Fort Macon, near Morehead or any in Wilmington. Thanks, for any help, I am still new to RR but already it has been a great site.
  6. R

    Cape Cod Coast Guard Feed-Hurricane Earl

    I've noticed exeptionally high listener numbers in the past 24 hours, probably do to hurricane related comms. If/when the power goes out, obviously the feed will go with it. I decided to let the listeners input into what they want to hear for the hurricane, any suggestions for the Cape...
  7. N

    Coast Guard RDF Capability

    Hi everybody, Does anyone know what sort of RDF capability the Coast Guard has, in general? Do they have the ability to locate an RF signal source on a given VHF marine voice channel? Also, is RDF being incorporated as a feature of Rescue 21? Thanks in advance! :)