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  1. KK4JUG

    SDS-100 Color Power consumption

    The customizable color display is nice but it's not a necessity for me. I'm wondering if the color display consumes more power than the black and white and, if so, is it enough to matter?
  2. H

    How to change to blue display on BCD536HP?

    I am seeing a lot of screenshots of the display on the BCD536HP where the display is blue. How do I change the background display color for the white to blue, or is this even possible? Thanks!
  3. P

    TRX-1: LED Color issue

    Hi, I am programming all the busses in my area to flash "yellow" when they are active. my issue is when the yellow led comes on it looks like "lime Green" can anyone try this and see if they get the same result. thank you Paul
  4. B

    FreeSCAN - Assigning colors to groups?

    Sorry if this is a little elementary, but I'm still getting to know my 396XT and FreeSCAN. I am looking for a way to set an entire GROUP to a particular COLOR. For example, I have about 70 talkgroups for my local police department. Do I have to individually set the color for each talkgroup...
  5. kc8mln

    J-Dot; K-Dot & Star Color Channels

    Ok, so I looked over the other forums and was unsure where to post this question, so if it needs moved, just let me know...but here goes: I know that there are "business" channels of the J & K Dot channels and then there are the colored "star" channels, both are listed as "business use"...
  6. Northerner71

    Trunk 88 idea

    I love this program and use it more than any other program, the only thing I do not like is the way you have to set up the colors. In Unitrunker I just have to say TGRP **** is blue and radio ***** in that talkgroup is blue and every time it pops up on the screen or is logged it stays that...