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  1. BoxAlarm187

    Denver (CO) Fire to encrypt all tactical channels

    From the Denver Post on February 27, 2019: "Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open." Read more: Denver Fire Department to encrypt...
  2. A

    Adams County

    Hi All, I just purchased a BCD436HP, my first digital scanner. It's been at least a decade since I've done my own scanning, and a lot has changed. Since the Adams feed disappeared online, I decided to invest in my own device. So, I've added a favorite list from Sentinel to the 436, and Denver...
  3. rbwareham

    Anti-encryption Bill Introduced In Colorado

    A Colorado State Representative has introduced a bill to outlaw blanket encryption by state and local government entities. HB18-1061 was introduced on the opening day of the 2018 legislative session by Representative Kevin van Winkle, (R). The bill seeks to strike a balance between government...
  4. KM4OKT

    Aspen Skiing Company Trunked Radio System

    I am curious as to what kind of Trunked Radio System Aspen Skiing Company is running. Just from the info I have gathered from the FCC license, it is an analog LTR/Type II? UHF system. I hope someone has some more insight on it. Thanks in advance! 73
  5. N

    Park County Colorado - P25 system - WIN500 - Problem

    I picked up a Pro-106, uploaded the frequencies I've had in my desktop version of this scanner (which are for Jefferson County, Colorado) and everything worked fine. I built a new list, new template, in WIN500 for the Pro-106, using the Radio Reference database for Park County, Colorado (that's...
  6. D

    DPD Call Signs

    Hey, I've been listening to the DPD scanner, and I can't quite get the callsigns. I know the first digit is the district, not sure what the other digits are. And I don't know what the letter at the end means either. Could anybody explain the different callsigns? Thanks.
  7. M

    Pro-106/ARC500: logically creating scanlists-request for ideas

    Hi, Context: my experience with public safety monitoring goes back to the days when "programming" a scanner meant buying eight crystals, and one's biggest decision was deciding which socket to install each crystal into. That's how we did it back in the days when dinosaurs walked the earth. I...
  8. D

    Federal Heights Digital

    Hi, y'all! I just got my Uniden BCD-396T digital scanner and I am trying to figure out how to program it for the Denver and Federal Heights area. I see the Federal Heights Fire Department has what looks to be analog frequencies on it but a note up top that says the operate off of the State DTRS...
  9. R

    BCD396XT or PSR-800 for Boulder, Colorado?

    I've been trying to study up as much as I can on these two scanners and what technology is being used in my area. I am wanting to get a scanner that works now and will continue to do so into the future. I am wanting usability and durability. I understand that the Uniden models do not support...
  10. D

    Buckley Air Force Base readiness exercise Thursday 3/8 thru Sunday 3/11

    Final dress rehearsal for 140th Wing inspection "This Operational Readiness Exercise is scheduled for March 8-11, and will include frequent sounding of alarms and sirens and increased flying operations, including jets taking off and/or landing as early as 6:45 a.m. and as late as 1:15 a.m."...
  11. M

    Unique Radio Standards Training Debuts in Colorado

    Unique Radio Standards Training Debuts in Colorado September 15, 2011 Ten years in the making, Colorado’s vision of perfecting communication between public safety agencies will finally begin. This week the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced a new program offering free...
  12. S

    Colorado State Fair Frequencies.

    I have been trying to find the Colorado State Fair radio frequencies. The CSF had abandoned their license a few years ago and I was searching the databases for State of Colorado for licensed frequencies in Pueblo, CO.So far there are no active licenses in the area on these channels. I even...
  13. G

    South Adams County and North Washington Fire Frequencies

    Does anyone happen to have the old 400 frequencies for South Adams County fire (not 460.52500, that's Brighton) and for North Washington Fire Protection District??? Thanks!!