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comm port

  1. N9JIG

    20-047 etc. cable hard coding utility

    5 years or so ago there was a thread in which someone had posted a utility program to hard-code the 20-047 and other RS/GRE USB cables with a specific comm port number. I used it for my several cables of the type at the time but I cannot locate the thread nor the utility program now. Does...
  2. N9JIG

    USB-1 Hard coding Comm Port

    A while back there were posts with a utility that was able to hard-code a Comm Port number to the GRE/RS USB programming cables. It worked great. Is there a utility or a way to do the same for the Uniden USB-1 cable? I have a bunch plugged into a couple of USB hubs and if I plug one into a...
  3. M

    Connecting scanner to database

    Ok, brand new to this, and I can't find an exact case in the search for my issue. I have a BCD396XT, connected to my computer by USB cord; I downloaded FreeScan, I uploaded a database of the channels I want from RR to FreeScan; I clicked upload to scanner, and it says: "cannot access COMM1". I...