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  1. N7iOS

    Powerwerx DB-750 or Alinco 638T

    Looking for some advice..... here is my situation: I have a Kenwood VHF TK-7180 which performs like an absolute champ using a 1/4 wa antenna ve on a roof rack. Receive quality and TX is great. Very very dependable. However, I work for a public safety agency in which I do utilize my personal...
  2. TennFordTN

    Radio System Quote

    Hey Guys, I’m a 22 year old college student and I work at a medium to large scale church in the Middle TN area working as a part of Operations. Over the years we’ve done nothing but expand and grow bigger. Our teams do everything from cleaning and moving items to landscaping and large scale...
  3. SCPD

    Licensing Requirements in Ontario

    I would like to be able to use motorola commercial radios (HT750's in specific) for a company radio/personal radio, without all the interference in the widely available radios that you find at Canadian tire etc. I am having a problem specifically with finding what license I would need to get...
  4. A

    midland landmobile commercial radio

    A friend of mine just currently got a job with the local animal shelter as the dog warden and the 911 center wants you to talk to them on 39.90 mhz. He has a midland landmobile model 70-0375B commercial radio that will work but when attempting to transmit, it will for about a second and then...